After a much-needed get-together with my favorite INFJ friends (shoutout to M, C, and W), I started thinking about people who have done us wrong.

I don't know about you, but I've always been the type of person who isn't afraid to rat someone out for their wrongdoings. I guess you can say I'm the "tattle tale" of the adult world.

This got me thinking: people will treat others so unfathomably horrible and then get mad when the victim stands up for themselves and makes their voice heard.

Where's the logic in that?

I had always been taught to keep quiet about how others had hurt me because "it ruins their image" or "I just need to forgive and forget. It won't change anything anyway."

This is just a way of excusing wrongdoings and keeping those who got hurt from being able to tell their stories.

People will go into a frenzy when their dirty laundry gets aired. However, if it was never there, to begin with, it couldn't have gotten aired in the first place.

If someone causes harm to others, their mistakes should be brought to light.

Choices have consequences.

For example, let's talk about Keaton Jones. His mother filmed him crying in the car talking about how the kids at school were bullying him. They were making fun of his nose shape and pouring milk on his head at lunch.

At first, I felt terrible for this little boy. That is until I found out why the kids did that in the first place.

It was revealed that he had been throwing racial slurs at African American students, which is why the students retaliated in the way they did.

Dear Keaton, if you don't want the kids to be mean to you, then don't give them a reason to be.

People only retaliate when they've undergone a great injustice.

If you don't want the bear to bite your head off, don't poke it with a stick.

If you don't want people cutting you out of their life, don't hand them the scissors.

If you don't want people writing articles about you, don't perpetuate article-worthy behaviors.

Instead of focusing on what people say about you, maybe give some thought as to why they're talking about you in the first place.

Don't reprimand people for pointing out your flaws. Instead, focus on fixing your flaws.

"Instead of spending all your time telling people how to iron out their wrinkles, focus on your own. God knows you have enough to keep you busy." -C