My Week Of Protesting At NCAT
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My Week Of Protesting At NCAT

One School, One Nation.

My Week Of Protesting At NCAT

Throughout the week, in the midst of all the devastating acts of police brutality that have happened, I have experienced a certain vibe, an indescribable air, and a powerful unity on the campus of North Carolina A&T. With all the madness happening in the world, it is truly beautiful to see the young minds of African Americans come together to come up with ways to end these endless counts of murder on our race. Power truly is in the numbers and I am blessed to be apart of history, protests, and a school that supports the Black Lives Matter movement and the improvement of our lives.

On September 22, I participated in a peaceful protest on the NCAT campus with several other students. At the protest we stood for all the victims who can no longer stand because they have been unlawfully murdered due to police brutality. We stood for the family members who feel weakened because of unexpected and unexplained losses. We stood for the mothers who are afraid to raise a black child in America and we stood for the black children who grow up feeling afraid of the people who are supposed to protect us. We started the protest at the reflection pool on campus. There we recited several chants and listened to people's stories.

The man who died September 20th in Charlotte, North Carolina was named Keith Lamont Scott. He was the father of a North Carolina A&T Alumni and a cold steel drummer. To say it hit close to home would be an understatement because it actually did hit home. Aggies stick up for each other. Aggies protect each other. Aggies look out for each other. So when finding out there was an aggie on the other end of police brutality it was only right for us to march as one school and one nation in this protest. As we marched and sang songs like "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin I truly felt that pride that is meant when we belt "AGGIE PRIDE" at the top of our lungs. I looked around and I saw fists in the air to signify the power behind our race and when we finally made it to our final destination behind the Greensboro Four monument I was overwhelmed with so many emotions I can't even put into words. All I know is that what happened that night will stick with me for the rest of my life. It was our time to make a difference. It was our time to go down in history and that's what aggies do!

The next day, we had a blackout on campus, meaning everyone wore all black. It was absolutely amazing to see a majority of the students wearing all black despite the heat. That breath of unity was once again on campus yesterday as I walked around and seen all the black, the outlines of bodies in chalk, and the pictures of numerous victims.

It means a lot to be somewhere where you can express your opinions in times like this without feeling like people will look at you stupid. Seeing how my campus has reacted in the midst of these tragedies reminded me again on why I chose this school and why it continues to be the right place for me. For anyone wondering if I am safe-- yes, I am in the safest place I've ever been in my life. I am surrounded by unity and love.

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