10 Thoughts Every Girl Has After Spring Break, Told By 'New Girl' Memes

After a week of relaxing on a beach or sleeping in your own bed at home, the last thing you want to do is get ready for the hardest part of the semester.

When it's Sunday night and you realize you didn't do any of your assignments over spring break...


Vacation is just procrastinating in a different setting.

... and attempting to start your homework on the last night. 


Don't lie, you're totally going to try to cram all of your assignments into one night. Remember, C's get degrees.

When you walk into your first class on Monday morning. 


I say this to myself every time I hear the professor open their mouth.

When your professors ask if you're happy to be back at school.


You and I both know we would much rather be back where we were a week ago.

Already missing the sun and warm weather.


Let's hope the sunburn fades into a tan.

When you accidentally blow all of your money during break. 


I'm sure the $20 fishbowl was totally worth it. All you really need are Cheez-Its to survive college anyways.

Realizing you just had the best week of your life and now you have to go back to being a student.


The shock of this fact will hit us all at some point.

Having to motivate yourself to get through the rest of the semester.


Halfway through the semester, you can do it!

Knowing you get to be back with your college friends. 


Now you can show off the dance moves you learned in Mexico at the next frat party.

Realizing you somehow survived spring break.


Make as many memories as you can, so you can day dream about those moments during lectures.

Spring break is a hard week to come back from. You have less than two months left in this semester. Work as hard as you can because the next break you'll have will be SUMMER!

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