A Fault in My Gender
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A Fault in My Gender

A woman poem.

A Fault in My Gender

Why do I have to apologize for not liking children?

The troll under the bridge

The witch in the house made of cookies

The evil stepmother

Can't I wear a pantsuit and Jimmy Choo's

Have manicured fingernails

And relax on an island in the Bahamas

Without feeling guilty for it?

Why do I have to apologize for maybe not

Expanding the bloodline of my already

Fucked up filial history?

Can't I get a feminist tattoo above my vagina

And still have a series of male lovers?

That love me for my body and not my mind

Or maybe just my mind and not my body

Science is here for me if a fallopian tube

Accidentally gets clogged

No, it's not God's grace entering my womb

It's a sign from a recovering alcoholic

Welcoming me to "The Killing Society"

Outside of a weathered old building

Couldn't the government

Afford to put me up in the Biltmore?

Isn't my uterus lining welcome

On their Egyptian cotton duvets

Among the ejaculation that cost

Some gentleman in khaki pants

Ironed by his wife

Two grand?

Why do I have to apologize?

Isn't this the free market?

Why can't I market myself freely?

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