Aerie Promotes Body Positivity With #AerieREAL Campaign

Aerie Promotes Body Positivity With #AerieREAL Campaign

"The future is #AerieREAL" - Aerie

Body positivity is not only about accepting your body the way it is. It's also about making others feel confident in their skin. This is exactly what clothing store Aerie accomplishes. Aerie is an intimate, swim and apparel store that sells clothing for girls of every shape and size. Aerie recently started a body positivity campaign known as #AerieReal which sends the message that all women are beautiful no matter their size. Aerie does not retouch their models to show off these women's real, beautiful bodies.

Aerie has four role models who promote body positivity through modeling their clothing. These women include singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, actress Yara Shahidi, gold medal gymnast Aly Raisman and body positivity activist Iskra. All of these women are passionate about embracing their true selves and lifting others up, which is true girl power!

To learn more about what these #AerieREAL Role Models have to say on body positivity, watch the video below!

Cover Image Credit: Business Insider

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I Woke up In The Middle Of The Night To Write About My Fears, They're Worse Than The Dark

One minute I'm thinking about what I want to do after college next thing I know I'm remembering the time I tried talking to a boy and choked on my spit.


It is one of those nights when I am tired, but for some reason, I can't seem to fall asleep. So, what do I do? I pull out my laptop, and I begin to write. Who knows where it will lead. It could lead to a killer article or something that does not make sense. I mean it is almost 2 A.M. In my mind, that's pretty late.

Anyways, let's do this thing.

Like many people, thoughts seem to pile up in my head at this time. It could be anything from a time when I was younger to embarrassing stories to wondering why I am "wasting" my time somewhere to thoughts about the future. All of these things come at me like a wildfire. One minute I'm thinking about what I want to do after college next thing I know I'm remembering the time I tried talking to a boy and choked on my spit.

The thought that is going through my mind as I write this is about the future. It's about the future of my fears. Let me explain. I have multiple fears. Some of my fears I can hide pretty well, others I am terrible at hiding. My fears may seem silly to some. While others might have the same fears. Shall we start?

1. My career

I don't know where to begin with this one. For as long as I can remember, my consistent dream job has been working in the world of sports, specifically hockey. A career in sports can be and is a challenging thing. The public eye is on you constantly. A poor trade choice? Fans are angry. Your team sucks? "Fans" are threatening to cheer for someone else if you can't get your sh*t together. You can be blamed for anything and everything. Whether you are the coach, general manager, owner, it does not matter. That's terrifying to me, but for some reason, I want to work for a team.

2. My family

Julie Fox

Failing with my family, whether that be the family I was born into or my future family, it terrifies me. I have watched families around me fall apart and I have seen how it has affected them. Relationships have fallen apart because of it. I have heard people talk about how much they hate one of their parents because of what happened. I don't want that.

3. Time

This could be a dumb fear. I'm not sure, but I fear time. With every minute that passes, I am just another minute closer to the end. With every day that passes that I am not accomplishing goals or dreams I have, I am losing precious time. It scares me to think of something horrible like "What if I die tomorrow because of something horrific?" or even worse, "What if I don't make it through today?" It's terrible, I know.

4. Forgetting precious memories

When I was younger, I had brain surgery. It is now much harder for me to remember things. I am truly terrified that I am going to forget things I will want to hold close to me forever, but I won't be able to. I am scared I'll forget about the little things that mean a lot. I'm afraid of forgetting about old memories that may disappear. I'm worried that I'll forget about something like my wedding day. That might seem out of this world, but it's a reality for me.

5. Saying "goodbye"

I hate saying bye. It is one of my least favorite things. Saying bye, especially to people I don't know when I'll see again, is a stab in the heart for me. I love my people so much. I love being around them. I love laughing with them. Thought of never having a hello with them again scares me beyond belief.

6. Leaving places that I love

Alright, let me start off by saying this- it takes a lot for me to love a place. It has to feel like home. It has to make me feel comfortable. It has to be a place I can go to and be myself. Thankfully, I have had and still have multiple places that are like that. I have also had places I could not wait to leave. I think that's why leaving places I love is so hard and something I fear so much. I am afraid I'll never get that place "back", for lack of a better term. I guess, I'm trying to say, it's like a piece of me is leaving as well.

These six things are just the start of my fears. Some of these might seem "dumb" or "ridiculous" to you, but for me, it's my life. These are the things that I think about the most. These are the things that feel like a pit in my stomach. These six things are parts of my life that mean a lot to me.

Cover Image Credit:

Emily Heinrichs

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The Curvy Girl's Summer Guide To Living Your Best Life, All The Way From June Through August

It's chub rub season.


News flash ladies! We're in the hottest days of the summer season. It's about that time that everyone on Instagram and Twitter is posting their bikini shots and quote on quote "living their best life." But in reality, summer can be a difficult time to get through for us curvy girls! Let's get real. It's chub rub season, among several other not so fun things we tend to have to endure as a result of our beautiful bods.

So, with that said, here are a few tips to truly "live your best" — or should I say most comfortable and worthwhile — life this summer as a curvy girl!

1. Baby Powder, Baby Powder, BABY POWDER

Refinery 29 says "It's chub rub season, y'all. Love yours 🍑, regardless.#R29Regram: @cecile.dormeau"

Yass! It's finally time to give our booties and hips the gratitude they deserve in those sundresses. However, let's not neglect our thighs now. "Chub rub," or to be more technical, the result of thick thighs rubbing together and creating uncomfortable bumps, redness, and sometimes even swelling, can be the silent killer of those July months. Baby powder is a MUST. Not only will applying a little go a long way, but it will make your legs feel silky smooth and smell great as well! Ladies, check in on your friends. Chub rub can be really painful so just try to be considerate to us curvy girls who are given this blessing and a curse.

2. Don't be afraid to show a little skin - or a lot.

It seems as girls with fuller bodies, we are always held to this standard of having to dress appropriately for our bodies. Why is this? What makes us any different from the girls wearing a size 2? Nothing, because all bodies are beautiful. So don't be afraid to make a statement and step outside of your comfort zone!

3. Speaking of skin, find the best swimsuit for the season!

There are so many different styles of swimwear making their debut in affordable stores like Target and Marshalls, to even more boujee department stores like Bloomingdales. Luckily, for us curvy girls the hottest trend is channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe. One piece bathing suit are a hit, and they do us great justice! With that being said though, do not feel afraid to step out of your comfort zone and rock that bikini as well! Just make sure coverage is a priority, because we all know how easy it is for our curves to make too much of an appearance.

SEE ALSO: I Asked 22 College Guys What They Think About One-Piece Bathing Suits For Girls

4. Boob Sweat Is REAL

Couldn't God just give us perky gifts without the strings attached? Unfortunately, no. Summertime means that unbearable sweat in not the prettiest of places. Thankfully, this subject isn't so taboo anymore and companies like "Boobalicious" have made an actual deodorant for your breasts with an array of scents! If you're more into DIY putting thin panty liners in your bra also is a huge help.

5. Find alternatives to jean shorts, because trust me there is so much more out there!

Let's face it, jean shorts weren't exactly made for our body types. Most of the time they end up riding up due to our thighs and just lead to uncomfortable chafing. Therefore, there are so many more options than shorts. Harem pants. Button-up skirts. Overalls. Plus, they're different from what everyone else is wearing!

Overall, summer for curvy girls like myself can be a bit tough. However, in order to live our best lives, we need to embrace the beauty that is our curves and walk down that beach with the confidence found deep inside of us.

Cover Image Credit:

@ashleygraham / Instagram

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