17 Things 20-Somethings Would Tell Their 17-Year-Old Selves
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17 Things 20-Somethings Would Tell Their 17-Year-Old Selves

17 Things 20-Somethings Would Tell Their 17-Year-Old Selves

Seventeen is an odd age. You're almost eighteen, but not yet a legal adult. You're a junior or senior in high school, and probably seriously contemplating what you want to do with your life. 17 can be tough. So, here are 17 things 20-something-year-olds would tell their younger selves.

*At the interviewee's request, some names have been kept private.

1. "He isn't worth it. He's not worth the tears, the stress, or the sleepless nights. You deserve better. Walk away." -Anonymous

2. "Spend more time with your parents. You're gonna miss them when you move out." -Anonymous

3. "The friends you have now won't last. In a year or so, they won't even remember who you are. Also, it's OK to hang out with your parents." -Anonymous

4. "Laugh when you can. This too shall pass." -Krystin Medford

5. "Save your money rather than spending it on junk. Also, it's OK to spend time in the library. I would have found a good church. You need to talk to your parents more; tell them how you really feel. In fact, stay home with your mom instead of going out tonight." -Mackenzie Hoffman

6. "College is worth it. Beware of the Freshman 15. Don't sell yourself short. Give people a chance. Listen to your mentors." -Emily Salgado

7. "Don't forget to breathe. Hug your loved ones. Keep your friends close." -Jessica Gore

8. "You will be happy." -Masey White

9. "They're not really your friends. Trust your first instinct. You're gonna be OK. Stop fighting with your parents." -Jessica Rasnick

10. "It's very easy to get distracted with boys, friends and popularity [at 17]. I would focus on my faith instead if I had the opportunity." -Desaree Prokos

11. "Hate your mom less and actually take her advice, because she was 17 once." -Ashley Blackmon

12. "Don't be afraid to speak up and be yourself more. You aren't as invisible as you think." -Cassie Knust

13. "Don't be afraid to ask for help when things get hard. Also, if friends won't help you when you need it most, they probably are not a good friend." -Megan Wittorp

14. "Pray more." -Anonymous

15. "High school isn't real life. It just isn't. The people who are popular won't necessarily be successful. This life is about working hard, being honest and being kind. You do that, and you're gonna make it." -Anonymous

16. "College changes everything. Relationships will be broken but new ones will be formed. Christ must be the center of your life or you'll easily be temped. Don't take people for granted; you never know when it is someone's last day on earth. Family is the most important thing and friends are blessings when you're away from home. Be careful who you share your life with. Focus on your education rather than relationships; a relationship will come when it's time. Stay away from dating apps. I could go on and on." -Jessica Monroe

17. "You don't know what to do with your life and that's OK. You're 17. You may not know exactly what you want for years, and that's fine. In fact, that's normal. Let me tell you something: you will fall in love with things you never dreamed of. You will make friends better than the ones you've lost. You will travel, you will explore and you will be successful." -Anonymous

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