I am currently in my fourth year of school. I do not expect to graduate until 2019 and recently I decided to change my major from Special Education to English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Communication. It took a lot of self evaluation for me to push myself to follow what I knew would be right for me. It wasn't easy. I needed to make sure I was going to be able to find something in a field that would make me happy. And I did. Something I could see myself succeeding in and changing the minds of others. And hey, I will still graduate in 2019 with no extra time spent.

Changing your major can be difficult. A lot of those who do so want approval form family and for the support needed. It can be a long process as well. Getting in contact with someone from your new program and then discussing your options in that major. It's time commitment you need to put in to it to make it all work out. But, once it's set in stone, it's so worth it. You won't regret it. I promise.

Remember, though, you are doing this for you and only you. You are the person that needs to be happy with the career you want to achieve. If you feel that your current path isn't working out, then you need to evaluate your goals and look at the pros and cons. Don't be afraid to change your major just because no one else will approve. Others will eventually come around to seeing your happiness in a new area and will be so happy you at least have had a college education.

Make sure your new major will help you achieve goals or teach you new ideas and skills. You don't want to pick a major that proves to be too difficult and leads to failure. The time and energy to go through that may not be something one wants to experience. Take the time to think about it. This will let you explore other options before settling with one that will make you happier. You will also get to see how many classes you will need to graduate and the different careers in that field (which can be helpful).

Lastly, use this experience as a learning experience. You will learn a lot about your goals, wants, needs, and what exactly makes you happy. It's going to change your outlook on the world around you and create a more positive outlook for the future. The last thing you want to do is graduate with a degree in something you don't want or won't make you happy. You won't enjoy a career in that field. Always do it for yourself and the life you want to lead. Who knows? Maybe this could change someone else's outlook for their own future now that they see you happier than ever.