Hey, Trinity fam...I think we all know the struggle of deciding what leadership group to be apart of each year. And guess what? It’s that decision making time once again…

But don’t worry! Here are 4 key things to help you figure out where you should serve next year!

Here’s my advice to all of you considering multiple leadership positions.

1. Know your schedule.

Seriously...KEEP YOUR SCHEDULE IN MIND. And that doesn’t mean you look at your schedule, see that there’s an hour opening, and fill it with a leadership position. This means that you take a look at your schedule and see if there is enough room for you to dedicate time and energy into a project.

You want to have enough margin to put your best foot forward so you can give your 100% to the position. Remember, each leadership position is a ministry in itself, so you need to have room to pour into other students, your team, and this community. With a free schedule, you’ll be able to do this well!

2. Know your strengths.

This is so vital, I cannot say it enough. Knowing your strengths is such a great place to start. When you find that sweet spot where you are utilizing your strengths well, you will find that you are not only serving and pouring out, but you are also receiving energy and life.

For example, if you have the gift of hospitality, maybe you want to work in admissions. If you are detail oriented, maybe CPC is the place for you! Self-awareness will get you to the leadership position where you can serve others as well as feel fulfilled.

3. Know your passions.

Knowing your strengths is super important, but it is also important to realize your passions along with your talents. Having your passions work hand in hand with your strengths, will help you place your time in the best leadership position possible. When you are passionate about your mission, you will find that motivation comes easy and work is fun.

Consider also, where your future passions lie. Maybe one day you are hoping to be involved in church ministry or missions. This could mean that Missions Cabinet is for you! Your passions may very well be the thing that points you in the right direction.

4. Know that you are in good hands.

Friends, making a decision about leadership can sometimes be overwhelming, but I have complete confidence that you and I will both end up wherever we need to be. God’s going to do some awesome things with your schedules, strengths, and passions, and you can be confident in that!

Good luck to you friend, and trust that God will always have you where He wants you.