Sunburn is the absolute worst. If you're like me and all you have to do is sit by a window for 30 minutes to get a sunburn, then you understand my struggle. It doesn't matter what the season is or whether it is peak sunlight for that day, I still get burnt. That's why I'm here to give the inside scoop on how to beat the wrath of sunburn.

Reapplying is the name of the game. When I was a young naive child I thought one good application of SPF 50 would get me through beach day. This could not be farther from the truth. If I've learned one thing from my 19 years on the earth, it is to reapply. Just maybe you will come out of the day with no sunburn. Look at how much fun reapplying can be!

On every vacation bring Aloe. Yes, this includes if you are going some place snowy. I have gotten my fair share of sunburn whilst skiing. So unless you are going some place exotic with actual aloe plants, please bring aloe Save yourself the pain.

Gotta love those goggle tans. Know your limits. Chances are if you feel like you are burning... you most likely are. Sure you might not see it right away but sunburn has a nasty skill of just becoming noticeable and painful when you leave the sun. You'll look in the mirror hours later and be faced with the reality of: SUNBURN.

Nowhere is safe. Sure you should put sunburn on your face, arms, and legs. But don't under any circumstances forget less obvious places. I've gotten the toe sunburn, believe me when I say it is painful. Next time you are contemplating whether to put sunscreen on the top of your ears, stop contemplating and do it.

Don't touch it. This one is pretty self explanatory... don't touch your sunburn because it will hurt like hell. Quit poking at it in the hopes that it will disappear.

On a serious note, sunburn sucks a lot in the moment but it is important to think long term about melanoma. More than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States a year. Put on some sunscreen, getting that tan (or burn) isn't everything.