Dear College Juniors,

In about two weeks or so, the journey shall begin. In about two weeks I shall be stepping on campus and be taking on upper-level courses. Time is going by fast and there are only two years left of my undergraduate career. Then, after undergrad, many people will go on to get a job or attend graduate school.

Although I am aware my time is running out, I am uncertain of what the future may hold. I hope to get good grades this year and explore new adventures on campus. Being an upperclassman may include benefits of turning 21, the magical number people all desire to be, living the lavish life, and almost how reminiscing felt when you turned 18 in high school.

As you grow older, there are more responsibilities. It is like a double edge sword because it is bittersweet. My best piece of advice for anyone who is anxious about starting the school year is to stay strong and take deep breaths. Take it day by day and have faith. Someone once told me, " A little faith can go a long way." Faith, something to believe in and hold onto. When the times get rough, you have to keep going.

I plan to attend medical school and take the vigorous Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Not only does the MCAT cause stress, I'm pretty sure other standardized tests such as the GRE, LSAT, NCLEX, etc. can be a huge weight on other people's shoulders.

To my fellow juniors who are planning to take any one of those exams, my best advice is to work smart. Work smart, you may ask? What is that? Most people would say, "Work Hard, Play Hard." However there is a difference, between "working hard" and "working smart."

For example, if you were assigned to take a bunch of books off a shelf in a library and had to return them to the front desk, this is what you might do. You might first intend to take a couple books off of the shelf and walk to the front desk. This is called "working hard." However, "working smart" would be to manage your time wisely and using all the resources you may have. You might get a cart and put all the books on there to get the job twice as fast than the first option.

In this world full of trickery and glee, you have to work smart and play your cards right. Life can be an emotional rollercoaster where unfortunate things may happen. If that ever happens, while you are at school or whenever, get the emotional support you need. Do not be alone, my friend. If you ever have any fears or insecurities about what may happen, don't give up. Don't sell yourself short. You worked hard for your end goals after two years of undergrad, and you can't stop now. You just need to have positive vibes.

I wish all the best for all rising juniors in their undergrads and I hope you do well! Many blessings to all! I hope this helped because I can understand what you may be feeling.