Adulting Is Hard

Adulting Is Hard

Adulting is hard, but humor can certainly make it more enjoyable.

I’m not sure about you, but awhile back I remember thinking I couldn’t grow up fast enough. Now that I’m in my final year of college, I regret saying I couldn’t wait to grow up. The fact of the matter is -- adulting is hard. However, with a little bit of humor in our attempts to “adult,” my roommate and I are slowly surviving.

Locking your keys inside your car. Admit it, you’ve done it at least once in your life, and it probably wasn’t humorous at all at the time. In fact, it probably angered you, and you probably resorted to having your dad help you solve the problem. Guess what? When you’re an adult, your dad isn’t going to be there to help you. Instead of your dad, you’re stuck with your roommate who has no idea what she’s doing. If you’re lucky, an hour or two later you’ll retrieve your keys instead of breaking your window.

Answering the door to strangers. The horror and nightmares begin to settle in when you hear a knock at your apartment door. If you were not an adult, you would be at home, and your parents would answer the door. Because you have no “peep hole,” you take a deep breath and muster up the courage to answer the door. The policeman knocking at your door is sure to give a fright. However, there’s probably no need to be scared of the innocent girl scout attempting to sell cookies. Whoever it is, in the end, it sure makes for a humorous moment.

Driving on poor road conditions. I’m not sure about you, but before I had to “adult,” I was able to catch a ride to school with my mom or my dad when the road conditions were poor. I was also the kind of teenager who begged her parents to drive somewhere, even when the roads were dangerous to travel on. Now, instead of catching a ride or begging to drive somewhere, I have no choice but to drive three hours across the state. Going in the ditch, catching a ride with a friend, and then getting into an accident because of the weather are nothing out of the norm when it comes to my adult life. As strange as it seems, I would love to go back to the days of catching a ride and begging to drive.

Eating in the closet to avoid the Dish Network man. It’s the first week of trying to “adult,” and the Dish Network man is scheduled to come install your receiver. It's lunchtime and you don’t want to eat in front of the stranger working on your T.V., so you and your roommate take all of your food into your closet and eat while you wait. I know it sounds ridiculous now, but at the time, it seemed like the only reasonable idea.

Adulting is hard, but regardless of how challenging it may be, I’ll always have humor to help push me through the journey. I will probably regret saying I couldn’t wait to grow up, at least for the next few years. For now, I'm going to live in the moment and learn to laugh at my failed attempts to become an adult.

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