What Does It Mean To Adjust Your Frequency?
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What Does It Mean To Adjust Your Frequency?

Be kind to people; it shouldn't be that hard.

What Does It Mean To Adjust Your Frequency?

If we contemplate the most essential aspects of our identities as human beings, we may find that fundamentally we desire, fear and obsess over the same or quite similar preoccupations. I deliberately refuse to refer to these matters as “issues” in this piece, as I believe that would entail a negative connotation that would redirect our focus into a space that we do not need to navigate here. As you read this, I want you to be conscious, meaning I want you to read each word with intention and to apply introspection throughout.

My core belief is that we as human beings possess great energy and our vibrational lows and highs that are dependent on our setting, mood and circumstances have the power to impact everything and everyone around us. In this belief, we as humans are deeply and utterly one. Our commonalities are stronger than our divided ideologies and our aspirations can be nourished or muted depending on who and what we filter from our influence.

Ultimately, we can make generalizations about the human condition. We can say that most of us wish to find some sort of fulfillment or “purpose” in this lifetime. Most of us wish to be loved or to give love, and most of us want to have a community to which we can belong and find comfort in. Despite these universal traits, we still find excess toxic hate in the world. We see people that have become lost in dysfunctional cycles of unhealthy relationships, poor self-care, envy and complete refusal to consider their highest potential.

It is not selfish to cut people out of your life who take more than they give or who are moving in a direction that your morals do not align with. You do not owe those who do not appreciate your contributions or care, anything. You deserve to be around people that support you, challenge you and remind you of your worth. There is no time to waste on bringing others down in our optimal lives. There is no time for cruel judgement, gossip and competition. If all we have is today, we must ask ourselves who do we wish to be as people. Do we wish to break others down? Do we wish to be dragged further into low frequency pools?

Or, do we wish to be gentle but firm willed, kind but not naive?

We cannot control what other people day or do, we only control our reactions. We can elevate and, with grace, understand that sometimes people have bad days or will wrong you and, with our insight, we can move on. Growth is in our hands; it is up to us to feed our souls and to find our peace, our people and all of the silver linings that we are blessed with having. Not everyone is as fortunate as you. Use your blessings to create more love in the world.

Go on today with the mindset that you are full of limitless potential, abundant with gifts and ready to vibrate at your highest frequency.

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