Having Whole Foods on the GW dining plan is both a blessing and a curse. Students will easily brag to friends about the perks of getting dinner from the hot bar, while simultaneously crying at the register once we receive our receipt. No matter the cost, though, we still find ourselves going back. If you resonate with these five signs, you might find yourself in need of help.

1. You LIVE for the hot bar!

Before I came to GW, I never understood the obsession with Whole Foods. Overly priced healthy food never sounded particularly appealing to me. Finding the hot bar during my first week, however, completely changed my opinion. Unlimited access to mac and cheese? How could I resist. Similar to any other student here I find myself making trips to Whole Foods simply to fill a cardboard carton up with as much food as I can possibly fit inside.

2. You're always down for a Whole Foods trip

Have you ever been so comfortable in your bed that the thought of getting up seemed sinful? If the mentioning of a trip to Whole Foods still has you running for the door despite your comfort, than you might have a problem. I can truthfully say that I've done this. On many occasions. I'm learning to accept the problem.

3. You've made the long haul back from Whole Foods to your dorm

For those of us not living in Madison Hall, the walk back from Whole Foods with your groceries can be a killer. If crossing H Street doesn't kill you first, the weight of your bags may as well be the second most likely cause of death. With each subsequent trip, though, your arms become stronger and it gets to a point where nothing can get in the way of your love.

4. You've spent an inordinate amount of money there

No matter how much I complain about how much money I've spent at Whole Foods, I still continue to go back. I truly can't say what continues to bring me back, but only four weeks into the semester and most of my dining funds have been spent there.

Again, this article isn't sponsored, but if Whole Foods feels like handing over some free chocolate covered pretzels, I don't think I'd be in a position to say no.