9 Ways To Practice Kindness In The Middle Of A Pandemic
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9 Simple Acts Of Kindness You Can Do In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic

It's easy to be kind and considerate.

9 Simple Acts Of Kindness You Can Do In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic

The United States is still facing difficult times brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic as people are slowly starting to resume going about life as it was before. However, this does not mean that the pandemic is over and that we no longer need to take the necessary precautions to avoid. The kindest thing you could do for others at this time is to show them that care about their health and wellbeing by completing these incredibly simple acts of kindness.

1. Wear a mask


One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from spreading the coronavirus is by wearing a mask when you go out in public or are around other people. Wearing a mask out in public is like saying to those around you, "I understand that I could potentially be carrying or spreading the virus but I care about your health." Masks can protect the one wearing them but are mostly used to protect others from the users' germs. Masks may be hot and mildly inconvenient but they are certainly more comfortable than a ventilator.

2. Wear that mask correctly


With that being said, if you are not wearing the mask correctly then it is practically useless. A properly worn mask should completely cover the nose and mouth. A mask is not an accessory. It isn't an earring, handbag, or chin-guard and therefore should not be worn as such.

3. Wear that mask when it's necessary and leave it on


I have seen countless people out in grocery stores and other public places take off their masks to talk to people. Unless someone is deaf or hard of hearing, there is no reason to take off your mask while talking. This also entirely defeats the purpose of wearing a mask, to begin with. If you are in a public place or establishment that requires a mask it is expected that you wear that mask the entire time you're there.

4. Wear the correct type of mask


The type of mask that you should be wearing varies depending on the circumstances. Most cloth and surgical masks work just fine if you are going to the grocery store, working out at the gym, etc. If there is a possibility that you will be in close proximity with someone who has the virus (i.e. taking care of a family member with Coronavirus) then an N-95 mask may be more suitable. N-95 masks generally provide greater protection because it filters and removes particles from the air that is being breathed through it.

5. Just wear a freaking mask


It is baffling to me that a requirement of wearing a piece of fabric on your face in order to go into TJMaxx or Costco is enough to make a grown man or woman throw a full-blown temper tantrum. Your rights are not being infringed upon and not everything is a government conspiracy. Health professionals everywhere are begging people to put their gigantic egos aside and to wear a mask to protect those around them. The facts are that there is an incredibly contagious virus that the world has never seen before and it has been proven that if everyone commits to wearing masks the infection rate is lowered dramatically. Let's face it if America mandated masks earlier in the pandemic, we would no longer be in this mess.

6. Social distance


One of the simplest acts of kindness you could do during this time is to maintain the appropriate amount of physical distance between yourself and others when out in public. Be mindful and considerate of those around you. Don't be THAT guy who walks the wrong way down the clearly marked aisle at the grocery store while everyone else gives you the death glare.

7. Cover your mouth


COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and is spread primarily through respiratory droplets. This means that another way to care for others is to help prevent the spread of the virus is by covering your mouth when cough, sneeze, yawn, etc. During a global pandemic, one of the most inconsiderate things you could possibly do is cough or sneeze on someone because you didn't cover your mouth. It's super easy. Just cough and sneeze into your elbow.

8. Wash your hands


This one should be a no-brainer. You should be washing your hands often for 20 seconds with warm water and soap. It is also recommended that one often uses hand sanitizer alongside frequent and diligent hand-washing.

9. Stay home if you aren't feeling well

Lastly, if you aren't feeling well and are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, STAY HOME! Choosing to go out if you are experiencing symptoms is incredibly irresponsible and inconsiderate. If you are sick and need to run errands reach out to your friends or family for help. Take care of yourself by staying home and resting and protect others by staying home and not exposing them.

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