11 Activities That'll Stop Your Summer Boredom Dead In Its Tracks
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11 Activities That'll Stop Your Summer Boredom Dead In Its Tracks

There are endless options.

11 Activities That'll Stop Your Summer Boredom Dead In Its Tracks

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes the hot weather, the bothersome mosquitoes and the ice cream trucks. It's a favorite season of many people, myself included.

But, there may be days when you are sitting around trying to figure out what to do with yourself. When that happens, here are 11 ideas to take into consideration!

1. Swimming

Whether, a pool, lake or ocean, take a dip and cool off!

It's great exercise, too.

2. Camping

Spend a night or two in nature by pitching a tent (or setting up an RV) on a campsite and build a fire, bake marshmallows, hike or just relax. Also, try to see if you could leave the cell phone off the whole time.

3. Relaxing

Just want to lay down in the shade? No problem! If you are off from work or school, chill out and clear your head.

4. A road trip

Have the time, money and working car? Go on an adventure across the country/state/whatever! There is so much to see out there.

5. Hiking

Be one with nature in a different way...by exploring it on foot. Head through the woods, on a trail or up a mountain and see all that the area has to offer!

6. Go to the beach

Soak up the sun in the classic way by laying on the beach! Take a dip in the ocean as well because those waves can give you quite a ride. Maybe even take some surfing lessons!

7. Frozen drinks

Or, rather, chilling out with them. It's hot out, a frozen drink is the perfect mix of cool and sweetness needed to beat the heat. Margaritas, frozen sangrias, mudslides and slushies are great summer beverages. You can even find a list of frozen drinks and their recipes here.

8. Gardening

Maybe try planting some vegetable plants (strawberry and tomato are common favorites), to grow your own fresh veggies and enjoy the beauty and color of the wide variety of flowers.

Plus, apparently gardening is good for stress.

9. Go to an amusement park

Love a thrill? Head to an amusement park and hop on a coaster. The speeds and drops, along with the wind through your hair, really makes for an exciting day. And if it's a really hot one, check out the water slides or lazy rivers if there are any.

10. Miniature golf

No golf skills necessary to enjoy this one. The hills, ramps and windmills certainly make for a fun and challenging game. Just no full swings!

11. Waiting for fall

Of course, there are also people who do not like the summer or hot weather. They prefer wearing sweaters, drinking pumpkin spice coffee and getting ready for Halloween. Summer is just giving them a longer wait.

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