A Cry For Help

Little girl hiding in a dark closet waiting to come out, however she is afraid of her dunk father might slip in her bed tonight. Jane is 13 years old with fair skin and light smooth long hair. Jane is so beautiful with big bright green eyes. Jane loves to write as she tries to escape from reality. Jane was no ordinary child. She was brilliant and continually attempting to figure out how to be happy.

Jane was not your typical teenage girl. She didn't stress over young men or having companions. Jane wanted to get out from this cloudy world she was living in. Jane was in the closet of her bedroom. Jane was covering up in the middle of her hanged garments as she made a decent attempt not to make any sudden move. Jane clutched her bear and implored, “God please not tonight I cannot take this pain much longer.”God where are you when I need you? Why are you allowing this to happen to me? She thought to herself.Jane heard footsteps that, sounded like a loud thunder coming up the stairs. She was shaking with fear.Her father burst into the room laughing he said, “Jane I know you are in here. Come out, come out wherever you are.” Jane was shaking and held on to her bear tighter to restrain herself from crying. Jane whispered softly and said “God please do not let him find me.”

Jane heart was racing like the beat of a drum. She is holding on to her bear and beside her was a knife. Jane was tired of being sexually abused by her father. Jane is 13 years old an honor roll student who was always trying to find happiness in the little things, but always felt alone in this cold world. Jane wanted to kill herself.She does not fill she has a purpose in life.

She stated, God "pardon me for I have a sin to permit. Let the wages of my dad sins turn into his own demise. The torment she felt inside she longer needed to feel any longer. She was caught in her own skin. She couldn't bear another touch of her dad's messy dunk hands. Jane is 13 years old and she no longer felt anymore pain. Jane at long last discovered peace in such a dull world. Jane murdered her father.

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