Believe it or not, “It’s About Time Week” is an actual recognized holiday, lasting from Christmas Day until New Year's Eve. Bringing the year to a close, this week is a time dedicated to last-minute goals, chores, or bursts of inspiration to become the you that you aimed to become way back in January. When it comes down to it, It’s About Time Week is both practical and motivating to us all as we strive for success and positive beginnings in 2016.

Quite fittingly, It’s About Time Week is the shell surrounding even more unknown, but surprisingly accurate, end-of-the-year holidays. Without even consciously realizing it, you have probably celebrated Tick Tock Day on December 29th, an embodiment of the year’s expiring time and quickly evaporating final moments. Or maybe you’ve found yourself throwing out quick decisions on the 31st, Make Up Your Mind Day, in reflection of New Year’s Eve. It’s About Time Week simply reminds us that every year must come to an end, which coerces us into being efficient and meaningful with our precious 2015 time.

So why should you recognize It’s About Time Week this year? Why should you count your seconds on the 29th and drop the hammer on all those final decisions on the 31st? Why not just ring out all those things you did or didn’t do this year on New Year’s Eve?

It’s about time we started celebrating It’s About Time Week because we take our time for granted. We wait until New Year’s Day to see all the changes we wish we had made in our lives, the hobbies we wish we had picked up, the effort we wish we had put into school or work. We don’t see that it’s about time to change our lives until so much time has already gone by.

This holiday dedicates an entire week to give us an opportunity to evaluate what we wish we had done more of or acted like throughout the year. With It’s About Time Week, we envision the person we want to be and can end our relationship with 2015 on a high note as the person we strive to become. It’s a way of looking 2016 straight in the eye, and running at it with the advantage of being your best self.

With your 2015 It’s About Time Week, celebrate by taking a moment each day to think. Maybe it’s about time you were kinder to your siblings, or maybe it’s finally time to start learning to play the instrument you’ve had sitting in your basement. It’s about time to call the friend you haven’t seen in months, and it’s about time to start helping your mom make dinner each night. Or it could be about time to make up your mind on what school you want to go to, or what classes you want to take. No matter how you approach it, sooner is better than later, and it’s about time you helped yourself become the person you want to look back on and as the person who finished out 2015 strong and started 2016 proud.

So here’s to a successful, contemplative and determined It’s About Time Week and a happy New Year.