Documentaries always have a similar feel to them. It starts off with some history and then BAM something crazy happens. At least crazy enough to make a documentary about it. It can be anything from the history of fish, to World War II to the kidnapping of a childhood family friend. However, contrary to the title, this documentary is none of those options.

Robert Berchtold was a family friend of the Broberg's. He had a family of his own but was very fascinated by theirs, particularly their daughter Jan. After molesting her for years, he finally kidnapped her by her parents voluntarily letting Berchtold pick her up from Piano lessons. If only they knew that on that day, it would be the turning point of their lives and Jan's life forever.

He was a great manipulator and he knew how to corrupt and compel every situation into something that worked out in his favor, which he did.

He even manipulated Jan's parents. Which is why they are somewhat at fault.....

Here are some reasons I believe her parents are to blame:

1. The most obvious, they let Robert Berchtold sleep in Jan's bed

Now, I don't know about you, but at 22 my parents still frown upon a boy sleeping in my bed. I truly don't believe that at 10 years old, they would allow a grown man to crawl into my bed every night as a form of "therapy."

2. Jan's mother had sexual relations with Berchtold????

This is such a huge red flag. Regardless of Mary Ann's feelings toward Robert Berchtold, she knew that he was close with the family, including her husband. Yet, she chose to engage with him. AND he was married? Why was none of this questioned?

3. Jan's father had sexual relations with Berchtold????

Now, it's one thing to cheat and have the family friend go for the wife, but to also go for the husband and *spoiler alert* but the daughter? That's messed up.

4. Berchtold was consistently giving Jan vitamins 

We are taught from a young age to never take candy, medicine or really anything from strangers. Berchtold was not a stranger, however, as the parent.... don't you think that you would feel weird if the family friend dude kept feeding your child vitamins?

5. Waiting several days to notify the authorities about Jan's disappearance 

Although Jan was supposedly with a "family friend," it was still super fishy that she didn't come home from piano lessons. I know my mom would for certain report me and my kidnapper missing the same day. Waiting so long makes it look like the parents were hiding something, too.