ABC's Of Morristown, New Jersey

ABC's Of Morristown, New Jersey

26 reasons why Mo'town is better than Yo'town.

If you're from the area of Morristown, N.J., you'll know about all of these great places listed A to Z.

A is for AMC Movie Theater

If you've ever been to the movies in town, you'll remember Fluffy the ticket man.

B is for Bar Crawls

Morristown is one of the best cities in New Jersey for bar crawls. With over 15 restaurant/bars, our nightlife is amazing. Some of these include The Grasshopper, Iron Bar, The Office, Sona Thirteen, The Tavern, Tashmoo, The Famished Frog and more!

C is for Cluck-U Chicken, Carlos Bakery and Chris Christie

Cluck-U Chicken is a Morristown hot spot, especially late nights after hitting the bars. Carlos Bakery has plenty of cakes and pastries to snack on while walking around town. Chris Christie also lives in a neighboring town so he stops in from time to time.

D is for Downtown Morristown

Morristown’s downtown area is a lively place to shop, eat and enjoy. There are plenty of places and boutiques to see. Grab a coffee and take a walk around The Morristown Green.

E is for Enjou Chocolat

This place has some of the best chocolate ever and literally for any occasion you can imagine.

F is for Fort Nonsense

Fort Nonsense is a national park of Morristown. During the Revolutionary War in 1777, George Washington and his men used this area as a quick place to retreat. It is located at one of the highest points in town and you can actually see New York City from the view.

G is for George Washington's Headquarters

The Headquarters, also known as Ford Mansion, was built for Jacob Ford Jr. After his passing, the family allowed George Washington to use this house as his headquarters for the Revolutionary War. Today, it is a house museum that you are able to walk through.

H is for Historic

Morristown is one of the most historic sites in N.J. George Washington and his men ran throughout the town in the 1770s, during the Revolutionary War and their buildings are preserved for the public to see today.

I is for Iron Bar

Iron Bar is one of the most visited bars in Morristown. It’s packed Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It’s also an awesome place to grab food for lunch.

J is for Jockey Hollow

This is where George Washington and his men set up a winter encampment in the late 1770s, during the Revolutionary War. The soldier’s huts are set up for people to walk inside and see.

K is for King's Supermarket

Kings is one of the most popular supermarkets in Morristown. They have fresh foods for every occasion and they even have great lunches to go.

L is for Longfellow's Sandwich Deli

Longfellow’s is an iconic sub shop in Morristown. It’s quick, easy and delicious.

M is for Morris Museum

If you lived in the area, you most likely went on a field trip to this place. They have exhibits that are constantly changing and events for you and your family.

N is for Nagano

This tiny sushi place is just delicious. You definitely must go if you like sushi.

O is for Olive Lucy's

This Italian restaurant is delicious. Its open and bright atmosphere is just beautiful.

P is for Provesi

Provesi is another great Italian restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine. It is one of my favorite places to go to get linguine, spaghetti, gnocchi and more.

Q is for Qdoba

Located right on the green, run in and grab some tacos, a burrito or a quesadilla.

R is for Raul's Empanadas

This place is a little restaurant with inexpensive food. It’s a great place to go when it’s late and you’re hungry.

S is for The South Street Creamery and The Seeing Eye Institute

The South Street Creamery is the best ice cream place in town. They make homemade ice cream and deserts along with food for lunch. The Seeing Eye Institute is also located in Morristown. We always see service dogs in training, walking around town and even have a statue dedicated to Frank and Buddy Buddy, one of the first Seeing Eye dogs and his owner.

T is for Time For A Bagel also known as TFAB

Yes, I know this is actually located in Morris Plains, but it’s a common place for Morristown people too!.This is by far the best place to get bagels in the area. If you’re from Jersey, you’re really picky about good bagels. You also know you have to get a Taylor Ham, egg and cheese on an everything bagel.

U is for Urban Table

This restaurant has a unique design and atmosphere. It’s a delicious place to grab lunch, dinner and drinks.

V is for Game Vault

This Vault has all different kinds of gaming machines. It’s like an arcade, only better! Bring your family and have a blast playing Pac Man and pinball.

W is for Wightman's Farm

Many people think that New Jersey is the armpit of America, but we actually have a lot of farms. This place is a family-friendly farm great for apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, corn mazes and their apple cider donuts are to die for.

X is for X-Rays at Morristown Medical Center

Morristown Medical Center is a nationally ranked hospital known around the country. It is known for the Gangon Cardiovascular Institute, Carol G. Simon Cancer Center and the Goryeb Children’s Hospital.

Y is for Yoga

We have more than three different studios for yoga, including Powerflow, The Yoga way and more. It’s a really popular workout in Morristown.

Z is for zapping fat with classes at Wellness on the Green

Wellness on the Green is an awesome place where you can take aerial skills classes, pole dancing classes and even belly dancing classes.

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Popular Right Now

25 Secret Dairy Queen Treats

Order like an expert.

Flurries and soft serve cones from other ice cream chains can’t compete with the delicious treats served at Dairy Queen. DQ is the perfect place to stop after a family dinner, on a date, or on your way home from work; essentially, there’s never a bad time to eat ice cream. And Dairy Queen has been serving loyal customers for over 75 years, so they know what they’re doing. Blizzard flavors and specialty treats have come and gone over the past decades, but some still exist on the Dairy Queen secret menu. Although not displayed on the menu boards, these items can still be ordered and created just for you. If you’d like one, don’t hesitate to ask!

Secret Blizzard Flavors

1. Banana Creme Pie

Ingredients: sliced banana, pie pieces, and whipped cream

2. Cappuccino Heath

Ingredients: chocolate syrup, coffee concentrate, and Heath

3. Caramel Delight Pie

Ingredients: caramel, choco chunks, and pie pieces

4. Choco Cherry Love

Ingredients: cherry topping and choco chunks

5. Chocolate Chip

Ingredients: a ladle of chocolate cone coating

6. Chocolate Covered Cheesecake

Ingredients: cheesecake pieces, cocoa fudge, and choco chunks

7. Choco Covered Strawberry

Ingredients: strawberries and choco chunks

8. Choco Peanut Butter Brownie

Ingredients: choco chunks, brownie pieces, and peanut butter topping

9. French Silk Pie

Ingredients: pie pieces, choco chunks, cocoa fudge, and whipped cream

10. Georgia Mud Fudge

Ingredients: brownie pieces, cocoa fudge,

11. German Chocolate Brownie

Ingredients: brownie pieces, coconut, pecans, and caramel

12. Mint Chocolate Chip

Ingredients: mint and choco chunks

13. Mocha Chip

Ingredients: coffee concentrate and choco chunks

14. Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie

Ingredients: caramel, brownie pieces, and choco chunks

15. Oreo Brownie Earthquake

Ingredients: brownie pieces, Oreo cookie pieces, hot fudge, and marshmallow topping

16. Cookie Jar

Ingredients: chocolate chip cookie dough, hot fudge, and Oreo cookie pieces

17. Peanut Butter Butterfinger

Ingredients: Butterfinger and peanut butter topping

18. Strawberry Banana

Ingredients: strawberries and sliced banana

19. Tripleberry Brownie

Ingredients: Tripleberry (from Julius station), brownie pieces, and choco chunks

20. Tropical

Ingredients: sliced banana, pecans, and coconut

Secret Royal Treats

21. Pecan Mudslide

This delicious creation can be created by putting caramel and hot fudge in a large sundae cup. Then, add the ice cream and top with more caramel and hot fudge. Finally, finish it off with some pecans.

22. Oreo Brownie Earthquake

Although DQ no longer has the sliced brownies for the classic version of the brownie earthquake, it’s still possible to make this. Start off with a round treat dish and add ice cream. Top it with hot fudge and marshmallow, and add plenty of brownie pieces and Oreo cookie pieces. Lastly, garnish it with whipped cream!

23. Peanut Butter Bash

Start off with a large sundae cup and pump peanut butter topping and hot fudge into it. Then, add ice cream and top with more peanut butter and hot fudge. Spoon some choco chunks on top, and it’s finished.

Secret Drinks

24. Arctic Rush Freezes

This is just your favorite Arctic Rush with ice cream. You can choose to have the ice cream blended or have the Arctic Rush served with ice cream floating in it!

25. Frozen Hot Chocolate

This can be easily made by filling a clear cup to the red line with Arctic Rush base. Then, add cocoa fudge and the desired flavor (Double Fudge, Caramel, or Peanut Butter). Fill the cup with ice cream and blend. Garnish with whipped cream, and you have a frozen hot chocolate!

Now that you’re a DQ expert, go ahead and order your favorite secret menu treat! Be aware, however, that toppings and candies may vary by location.

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A General guide to a perfect cup of coffee

Making that cup is half the experience. Don't miss out.


A good cup of coffee is a treat in and of itself. The rich and earthy aroma of freshly ground beans when you wake up is a delight to the senses. Now I am not what you would call a coffee connoisseur, but like any other person, I am very particular about the coffee I drink… so much so that I had a Nespresso pod machine with me as I began my first year of college.

Now, most coffee aficionados would tell you coffee pods are a disgrace to the beverage and I agree. They don't capture the essence of the bean, the texture, or quality. But they are drastically better than instant coffee! Now that is horrendous. The coffee pod is a decent, minimally acceptable substitute. But I implore any coffee lover, to step out of Starbucks (that most definitely isn't good coffee) and quaint coffee parlors, and actually make an effort to learn about the beverage you consume and are delighted by.

I will be honest, I was never a coffee fan. I barely drank it to stay awake. Highly caffeinated tea was my poison of choice for late nights. My interest in what makes a good cup of coffee and my, let's say, pickiness when it comes to drinking it stems from my father's journey in making the perfect espresso, latte, ristretto etc…

Every process to make that perfect cup is crucial so let me paint a picture. Imagine freshly picked coffee beans sent in for processing and roasted at a range where it doesn't get burnt nor is it too blonde, a warm brown with undertones of red comes to my mind. For optimal extraction of the oils, the beans have to be used within 2 weeks of being roasted (so do not buy the beans from Starbucks usually). Instead of getting it grounded ahead of time feel as you grind the beans to the size you want because powder size plays a huge role in the bitterness and the very drip of the coffee. Finding the correct size powder is a crucial element to customize your coffee for your palate.

After the powder size has been recognized, a pressurized system lets the water seep through the powder. Whether it be an Aeropress because of its cheaper price tag and the opportunities for customizing it or a good old coffee machine, maintaining a good amount of pressure for the oil to be extracted is key.

Tamping is an important aspect if using a regular coffee machine, since it again determines the drip speed and bitterness as it packs the powder into compact form, allowing for maximum oil extraction for the espresso. And you can determine if the effort was worth it as you look at the thick creamy creamer on top of your espresso shot and breath in what should be a full-bodied and earthy scent.

If you are an avid coffee drinker, I ask you to give making your own coffee from scratch. If you don't like coffee, well, try making it your own. You might like it for all you know.

-Sincerely A Coffee Enthusiast

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