The ABCs Of Notre Dame
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The ABCs Of Notre Dame

From ABP to (lack of) ZZZs

The ABCs Of Notre Dame

By the time you enter college, you're expected to know your ABCs. But what no one tells you is that they definitely change. Here are the ABCs of the University of Notre Dame:

A is for ABP

There's literally not a single person on campus who hasn't hit up ABP while pulling an all-nighter in the library.

B is for the Basilica

From its bells, to its weddings, to its cameos in dome pics, the Basilica is an ND classic.

C is for Club Hes

The library named for the late, great, Father Theodore Hesburgh is stunning, yet also the site of many finals week breakdowns.

D is for Debart

Love thee Debart, hate thee Debart water. 90% of ND's student body spends at least 70% of their class time in good old Debart.

E is for Eddy Street

One word: Chipotle <3

F is for Football

No explanation necessary.

G is for the Golden Dome

Whether its girls who love to instagram, visiting fans, or literally a random stranger, EVERYONE loves the dome.

H is for Hip Hop Night

Ah, the infamous hip hop night. You know how people say that only God can judge you? Well they're wrong, because so can the sober people at Hip Hop night.

I is for IRISH

Go Irish! That is all.

J is for JPW

A signature Notre Dame tradition.

K is for Coach Kelly

If we take the time to throw up some K's in between third and fourth quarter, then Coach Kelly must be pretty important, right?

L is for LaFun

What is LaFortune? Idk.

M is for Milkshake Mass

Dillon's Milkshake Mass is pretty infamous, and a great call.

N is for North Quad

O is for O’Shag

AKA the fiery furnace of hell.

P is for Parietals

AKA the reason I will never agree to sharing my bed, ever.

Q is for Quarter Life Crisis

Chances are that a test, paper, or assignment freshman year will force you into a late night breakdown at Hes. Therefore, I give you the quarter life crisis.

R is for Ring by Spring

Its basically the Notre Dame Goal to get engaged before graduation. Unless you're like me, who kinda just wants a boy to text back.

S is for South Quad

T is for Taco Bell

The late night go-to. God Bless.

U is for Undertones

The hottest hotties on campus. Some people chase jerseys, I chase the blazer-clad men with voices of angels.

V is for Vacation Days…oh wait.

The only way we know if it's a NATIONAL HOLIDAY is if we randomly don't get mail.

W is for the (CRAZY *SS) Wind

Beware of the South Quad vortex.

X is for the (E)Xpensive Merch at the Bookstore

Y is for Youtube.

AKA the answer to all your Kahn Academy prayers.

Z is for all the ZZZs you won’t get here.

^ Rare footage of ND accounting students before a midterm.

No matter what, Love Thee Notre Dame!

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