18 Times Aaron Goodwin From 'Ghost Adventures' Was Too Relatable

One of the best shows in existence: "Ghost Adventures." When the show first started, we had Zak Bagans - a.k.a. ultra douche - Nick Groff - possibly the most professional and qualified one - and Aaron Goodwin - me - hunting the most haunted places around, and it is pure gold.

I just feel like Aaron Goodwin is me all of the time - exactly how I would react if I ended up in his shoes - and I just appreciate how relatable his reactions tend to be to daily occurrences:

1. Having to be specific when exaggerating

Not one drop. Not three drops. Two.

2. Web MDing your symptoms

According to this, I've already been dead for a week and a half.

3. Bargaining with everything in life

"Mom, if you buy me a box of donuts right now, I promise that if I ever win an Oscar you'll be the first person I thank!"

4. Investigating a strange noise at night with friends

"After a thorough investigation, we can now be sure that there is no explanation for my door having slammed closed." "The window in your room was open. That's why it slammed." "...Obviously we're dealing with an angry spirit here."

5. Taking everything your friends say as super inappropriate

I hope you realize I'm only this way because you guys always used to make fun of me for not picking up on little innuendos.

6. Pointing out the obvious

"My car was making some weird noises, and now it won't start." "Well, that sounds bad."

7. Being silently annoyed when you're volunteered by your friends to do things

No, in fact, I did not want to go on a blind double date with them, but I'm a good friend...they're lucky to have me.

8. How skillfully articulate I am when I'm freaked out

Also, "Whaaaaat? Nuh-uh! No way, man! Whoa!"

9. Making sure to over-exaggerate your expressions to be sure everyone knows you're shocked

"Can you believe it?!" "Girl, look at my face! You know I can't!"

10. Trying to figure out what face you want to make for your Snapchat selfie

"I'm going for insane... but still cute."

11. Working as a barista and having someone completely ignore your pleasantries before ordering

I realize small talk sucks, and I probably wouldn't say anything other than "Hi, what can I get for you today?" if I didn't have to; I'd still appreciate it if you would at least acknowledge that I am, in fact, a human being and say "Hi," back to me before ordering.

12. When your best friend does the talking in a presentation and you just nod and gesture as acknowledgment

Yep, what they said.

13. Having to eat something healthy when you know you don't like it

*Laughs* "This is going to suck!" *Takes bite* "This sucks."

14. Being told something you don't want to hear

"What do you mean the store didn't have any cheesecake?"

15. Knowing that you can work that dance floor

"I've got some serious moves, and I'm not afraid to show them. Sorry you're so intimidated by me!"

16. Enjoying life in the background

I don't mind sitting in the back being quiet. I don't need to be the center of attention like some people...looking at you, Zak Bagans...

17. Knowing that no one knows what you're talking about -- not even you

"I'm sorry, I just like making things up and saying them without thinking them through first."

18. Sharing a look with a friend when someone is getting on your nerves

Man, if they only knew what I was thinking about them right now...

Honestly, all I can say is that OG "Ghost Adventures" is where it's at! I miss having these three all working together, but I'm glad Aaron's still around to make our day with his reactions!

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