Norman, Oklahoma: simultaneously the best and worst place in the world.

A is for All-Nighters

B is for Big 12

Campus Corner, baby

D is for Dehumidifier

You will not survive in the dorms without it

E is for exams

F is for FEES!

G is for Greek Life

It's everywhere

H is for Humidity

After all, this is Oklahoma

I is for the old IT store


J is for college is a JOKE

K is for Knowledge

L is for Lectures you don't pay attention to

M is for the mold in the dorms

That nobody wants to do anything about, apparently

N is for National Champs

O is for O'Conns

P is for Parking

You will not find any here

Q is for Quiz

R is for ROOMIES!

S is for Study Abroad

T is for Texas Sucks

U is for the Union

V is for Visitors

W is for Walker Tower

AKA the best freshman dorm...minus the mold

X is for extra credit

(If you're reading this....please give me some)

Y is for "y" did I come to college?

Z is for Zombie

...because that's what you are after the all nighter