A few nights ago, I was procrastinating homework and browsing Netflix for something good to watch, and I scrolled upon a movie called "Someone Great". The movie stars Gina Rodriguez from "Jane The Virgin", along with Brittany Snow from "Pitch Perfect" and Dewanda Wise as her two best friends.

The movie starts after Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) gets broken up with by her long-term boyfriend because she's moving away for a job. The day after the break-up, she's determined to have one last crazy adventure with her two gal pals before she leaves. The best friends try their best to comfort her and help her through the rough day.

I watched this movie because people told me it was good. Starting off, I thought it was just going to be a cheesy rom-com. However, I was wrong. The movie does a phenomenal job with showing how every little thing can remind you of a person that meant so much to you, and I related a lot to Jenny in the movie.

Even MONTHS after I broke up with my last boyfriend, I cannot wear the perfume I wore when dating him without thinking of him. Even certain songs remind me of him, which was shown in the movie, in the scene where the three girls were in a gas station store getting snacks.

In this scene, Jenny heard a song on the radio that instantly reminded her of the night her and her ex-boyfriend met. It instantly took her to a flashback of the night and she started singing to the song, which her friends started singing along, too, in an attempt to support her. Because they were singing so loudly, they got kicked out.

In conclusion, the movie definitely did justice to how it is dealing with a breakup. So many small, random things can remind you of them, and it sucks. Even though Jenny wanted her boyfriend back during the whole movie, in the end, she realized that she needed to move on and have her own life away from him.

If you haven't already, go watch the movie on Netflix. It's funny, emotional, entertaining, and just such a good movie in general.