From the beginning of time and all throughout history, humans and animals traveled in packs to hunt for food and invent new, more efficient ways to live. Our ancestors had a support system and worked together in order to survive with no electricity or modern tools. The people around them became family, blood related or not. Psychologists say that it is innate human nature to crave acceptance and build relationships among peers. This is exactly what a sorority is. They are a pack of women who have turned into family. Sororities are full of empowered women who empower all women.

For any decision I make, I know I have countless women behind me, supporting me and cheering me on as I reach my full potential. They let me make my own mistakes and fall down only to pick me right back up and go for a consoling ice cream run. They celebrate my little victories as well as my significant accomplishments. My mood is (unfortunately) very weather determined and I always have women to sit and watch movies on the gray, rainy days with me. I have women who are as crazy as I am and will train for half marathons with me. I have women who have the exact same online shopping addiction as I do we can talk about fabric materials, dressy heels, and outfit color combinations for hours. I have women in my classes who make sitting through long lectures a little less painful by working together to figure out complicated concepts. These are my people. I have women everywhere who match every little crevice of my existence and I never feel alone.

I am accepted for who I am without having to change one thing about my opinions or actions. I have not changed since I have been in my sorority, but I have grown. I have evolved into someone that I am proud of and I stand behind 110% of my actions. The women in my sorority have all carbon copied morals and believe in holding each other accountable emotionally and physically.

Being in a sorority has changed my life for the better and I am fuller of life because of it. From needing help with math homework and bringing down equations on a sticky note to lunch (someone in my house can always figure it out), to getting ready for formals and yelling down the hall to see if anyone has a lipstick shade to match my outfit (someone always has the perfect color), to holding each other up on rough days (someone can always turn tears into contagious giggles), do not tell me that sororities are only good for partying.