A pretty doormat

Ive been letting men stomp all over me like it's my job. Cause I'm never good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. I'm just a doormat. Men don't care if they hurt me in the process of using me. Men don't care about my feelings and that in the end they're hurting the one person that cares for them. They say to jump and I ask how high? I ask to text me and I get told I'm suffocating them. To be strong you need to be alone. I'm reminding myself, that I'm not a pretty doormat. Men say they love me but they love the person that does things for them. They love the person that will drop everything for them. They love taking advantage, borrowing, stealing and sleeping with me. They love the attention I give. But I can't get any in return. They love the person that gives and gives but won't get. They say they care but in reality they just use and abuse you. They say they care about your well being but really they care about what you will do for them. I need to stop that cycle. I need to stop being used and treated like I'm next to nothing. Because I am kind. I am smart. And I am important. I am a beautiful woman I am not a pretty doormat. I need to realize I am worth more than a text a day, a reminder I am beautiful, that I am worth everything I am meant to be worthy of.

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