A Love Letter To Myself
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A Love Letter To Myself

I love you for exactly who you are.

A Love Letter To Myself
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I love the way you laugh at everything, even when it's not really that funny. I love how you have the absolute WORST sense of humor and love a good dad joke.

I love your lopsided dimples. It used to bother me, them not being symmetrical, but it's grown on me. It makes you just a little more you. It goes along with your weird little personality that I've never found in anyone else.

I love that you are always your own, individual person. You don't fall into society's norms when it comes to a lot of things. You're kinda weird, kinda quirky, and way too witty for your own good.

I love your thought process. Even though it can be overwhelming sometimes, it's one of the greatest things about you. You're aware of everything. You know all of the possibilities of situations. You make decisions out of thought and passion and drive. You can't let yourself do anything halfway because you'll never stop thinking about it if you do. You put your all into everything that means something to you.

I love your immense amount of love for other people. You always threaten to be mean, but you can't. You feel way too guilty when you are — it's just not a part of you. You want to see the good in everyone and every situation. That isn't always the best thing, but it has created some of the best things in your life.

I love how you love adventure. You love going to new places, eating at new restaurants, meeting new people, and just creating new life experiences. I love how you love to travel. I love how you want to see all of God's beautiful creations on this earth. I love your passion for beautiful things and beautiful people.

More importantly, I love how you define beauty.

I love how you see the beauty in individuals, nature, songs, books, movies, pictures and so much more. I love how you are always expanding your horizons. Whether it is going to a new place, reading a new book, or constantly searching for new music, you are always ready for something new. You're never just content with life. You have a drive and passion for more.

I love how the lyrics of a song is what makes a song good to you. I love how the actions of others will always trump the words they say. I love how you love thoughtful, meaningful gifts, dates, and relationships more than something that is money-based or superficial.

I love your love for children. I love your love for family. I love how much you want to be the best mother and wife in the future. It's your biggest goal in life, and I know when the time comes, you will put so much effort and love into creating your own little family. It will be your greatest blessing.

I love how you've never given up. You've been through a lot, I'm not even going to pretend like you haven't. But even though it all, you've never given up. You've always pushed through, and you've become a better person because of it. You love more, you cry more, and you thank God more for everything you have.

Most of all, I love you as a whole. I love the fact that you love spending time with others, but also love being alone. I love your best personality traits and your worst. I love your nice smile and beautiful eyes that change with what you wear, but I also love how your ribs stick out a little too far, and I love that extra weight that you have on your hips.

I love you for who you were, who you are now, and who you're going to be. I love your flaws just as much as I love the most notable things about you. Everything makes you, you. I wouldn't change that for anything.

Please, don't ever be too hard on yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror and realize how great of a person you are, realize that you are beautiful. Because you are. No matter what you tell yourself when you're down or what others try to tell you. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are worth it. Never forget that.

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