7 Toxins You Do NOT Want In Your Tampons
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7 Toxins In Your Tampons That Are The LAST Thing You Need To Worry About While You're PMSing

Women who use tampons may be exposed to pesticides and even metals.

7 Toxins In Your Tampons That Are The LAST Thing You Need To Worry About While You're PMSing

It's time to take our self-care routine to the next level. Ladies, this means that our ladybug routine is going to have to be just as important as our skincare routine. Our flower has a higher absorption rate due to effective reproductive means. As future mothers, we should be aware of what we are exposing to our womb. This includes the use of tampons.

Even though tampons are FDA approved, they've contributed to poor side effects for many women in many obscene ways. One of the most unfortunately well-known life-threatening byproducts of tampon use is called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). In the medical field, TSS is supposed to be rare, unless it's associated with tampons, then it's common.

Let's get into why TSS is linked to tampons, which are used by 86 percent women. Women who use tampons may be exposed to pesticides and even metals if the cotton was grown in metal contaminated soils or if pesticides were applied to the cotton used in the tampons.

1. Pesticides

Pesticides like organophosphates are also known to induce oxidative stress and are related to multiple adverse health effects.

2. Dioxins

The bleaching process can create dioxins to which women can then be exposed.

3. Isoprotane

There are higher isoprostane levels, an oxidative stress biomarker, among tampon users compared to non-tampon users.

4. Mercury

There are higher mean levels of mercury for tampon users compared to non-tampon users.

5. Cadmium

Cadmium exposure has been linked to kidney and cardiovascular disease in humans.

6. Lead

Lead and mercury exposures have been associated with negative impacts on the nervous system and with cardiovascular disease.

7. Phthalates

Phthalates are expected to be an important group of chemicals in fragranced tampons.

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