A Brief Introduction to The Tens Ems Electrode
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A Brief Introduction to The Tens Ems Electrode

Know more about Tens Ems Electrode

A Brief Introduction to The Tens Ems Electrode

The tens electrode is mainly a medical device that operates electronically. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation which means treatment across the skin. The electric current passing out through the device controls the nerves of the human body and stimulates it. It is actually a device that you can operate with the help of a battery. The ease of connectivity can be maintained with the help of a belt, and the flow of electric current works as a stimulant.

Operation of the tens ems electrode

The tens ems electrode mainly helps an individual to receive short-term relief from severe pain in their bodies. The tens ems electrode mainly undergoes the pain management program as per the guidance of a medical practitioner who is trained in using the device.

How active is the tens ems electrode towards pain?

The tens ems electrode controls body pain in two different ways:

  1. Motor Level Stimulation- This helps the body to release the opiate form of substances present in the human body to give it short-term pain relief.
  2. Sensory Level Stimulation- The electrical impulses generated by the tens machine usually cause interference with the body's pain and blocks the neural gate.

Ways to use the tens ems electrode:

The tens ems machines utilize electrodes that are self-adhesive that provide a periodic replacement. The most common forms of electrodes must be supplied to the patients suffering from pain after tracking the exact location and the cause of the pain. However, the cost of the replacement of the electrodes remains at a minimum level each time after use. The best part is that most of the TENS pads are highly reusable, and this gives you the best feasibility for money. however, you should consult a doctor to use the TENS pads not more than thrice a day.

Description of the tens ems electrode

Back pain is instantly relieved using the tens ems electrode machine through its generation of electrical pulses that stimulate the muscles and imposes a relaxing effect. These are of very high quality and perfect for re-usability. The ems electrodes are mainly used by the medical practitioners of the healthcare certified departments to provide quality pain-relief treatment to patients suffering from severe pain.

The main reasons behind changing the electrode pads of the tens ems machine

There are several reasons why an individual must choose to change their electrode pads after a few uses. Some of the main reasons to change the electrode pads are as follows:

  1. The pads usually dry after a few uses and do not stick appropriately.
  2. The pad usually leaves behind a residue of the gel on the skin that can later irritate.
  3. In case the conductivity of electricity for the pads gets poor, the battery life is significantly reduced for the machine.
  4. They can become too stiff and do not easily match the contour of the human body.
  5. The wires can be seen protruding out of the electrodes once used several times.
  6. In case the pads get thinner, they can impose electric shocks and cause skin burns.
  7. Features of the tens ems electrode
  8. The tens ems electrode is soft to touch and self-adhesive.
  9. These do not cause any irritation to the skin.
  10. The pads are of high quality and are gelled adequately.
However, there are certain precautions that you should take before you start using the TENS electrodes. You should clean your skin very well, with soap and plain water before these electrodes are placed on your skin. You can also brush the electrolyte pads and also arrange for electrolyte gels and sprays to keep your skin in a healthy condition.
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