YouTube Channels Tor Those Who Love To Learn
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Student Life

YouTube Channels Tor Those Who Love To Learn

If you love math, science, language, history- or just learning in general- look no further.

YouTube Channels Tor Those Who Love To Learn

Are you an avid fan of the sciences, math, or just plain interesting stuff? Are you curious? Or maybe you want to sound smart in front of your friends? Here are nine channels from YouTube that I think will benefit anyone interested in the sciences, logic, and learning.


AsapSCIENCE videos range anywhere from two to ten minutes, and cover tons of material in that time. They answer mostly questions that we all have at times, and have a heavy focus on psychological science in many instances- from answering questions about human perception and human relations to whether the chicken or the egg came first.

2. Computerphile & Numberphile

These are two different channels. Computerphile covers topics in computer science, and Numberphile covers mathematics issues in a very endearing way. Typically, these videos reveal the beauty in their respective subject, thus giving viewers new thoughts to ponder and new information to share.

3. CrashCourse

For me, this channel is a classic. Possibly more useful for AP students, this channel is very academically oriented, but always puts forth information in an extremely original and intriguing way. The CrashCourse subjects range from physics, to biology, to psychology, to many histories and English, and quickly educates viewers on their selected subjects.

4. Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link are hilarious. These videos are comparatively much sillier than the other one's I am talking about, but never cease to amuse and always teach a thing or two about abstract and off-the-wall subjects. If nothing else, these videos are with watching just to find out what seven strange uses you can make of poop.

5. Minutephysics

This channel simply explains relatively complex processes in a way that young students and curious minds can understand why the world works the way it does. With hints of nerdy humor, big words that will make your friends think you're smart, and explanations for all the things you thought you'd never know (or possibly never need to), minutephysics is a great channel for science minds.

6. SciShow

SciShow covers many areas of science. From the reason we have butt hair to the reliability of science, this show will take you on a scientific and educational trip. They really have it all on SciShow, so look here to spark your curiosity.

7. Sixty Symbols

This channel will answer a multitude of physics questions. Most prevalently: What happens if you stick your hand in the Large Hadron Collider?

8. TED-Ed

TED-Ed teaches lessons in logic, psychology, and natural science. Well versed in riddles and paradoxes, this channel provokes thought and curiosity.

9. Vsauce

Last- but certainly not least- Vsauce is another channel that offers information in many parts of the sciences (and even language), but rather than quick, fact-by-fact videos, these videos tend toward ten to twenty minutes of content and include in-depth explanations of all information brought to light.

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