You know those nights when all of your close friends are going out together, but you want nothing more than to stay home, snuggle up, and veg out? Or the times when you have three tests the next day that you cannot fail, yet your friends seem to be free to do whatever? Or even that time when all your friends go to the same formal, yet somehow your invitation must have been lost in the mail? If you've had any of these situations happen to you have probably felt this annoying feeling in the pit of your stomach called FOMO.

FOMO aka "fear of missing out" is a common disease among those in our generation and its symptoms can be serious in some situations. It has the power of creating an intense but short lived depression in its victims, and is simply the worst. Thankfully, I have come up with some ways to cure our generation of this crippling phobia for those nights when it seems impossible.

9. DON'T ask what they are going to do if you can avoid it.

If you're in the dark about what is going on, then it is hard to feel left out anyway.

8. Avoid texting friends while they are out.

Hearing about everything that is going on out there just makes the FOMO worse. Blocking your friends for the night might not be a bad idea (face it, it's not the first time you've wanted to block them anyway).

7. Delete Snapchat and avoid other social media that contribute to your FOMO.

Social media only feeds your FOMO. Snapchat stories and Instagram pics usually just make you feel even more left out. Sorry guys, but commenting, "insert me here" on pics does not automatically include you in the party. Check social media after the event is over, because at least then it's in the past and you won't feel so left out.

6. Invite other friends to hang out.

The nights where you are simply not invited to go out are the best times to reconnect with old friends. You never know, you might have an even better time than your friends that went out together (take that).

5. Watch a movie or play a game.

You do not have to be out to have fun. A few of my friends have the staunch belief that the only two options on any given night are: go out or study. Yet, it is possible to have fun at home (and the best part about it is pajamas are allowed). Engaging in something fun like watching a movie or playing a game with friends gets your mind off whatever it is you're missing.

4. Study (if you need to).

Silence your phone and get out your books because studying is a sure way to get your mind off of missing out. If you truly study with the time you would have otherwise wasted, I can promise you will feel extremely accomplished for it. For others, studying is the reason FOMO happens to begin with. In cases like this, put your earphones in and jam out to some music (it might not make you study any better but it's sure to make you feel like you're at the party).

3. Catch up on your favorite show.

There is nothing more entertaining than binge watching Netflix. In fact, I am convinced it is the closest thing we have to time traveling. Want to fast forward your life five hours? Just turn on Grey's Anatomy and you're sure to waste half the day and forget about life (and sometimes homework, oops).

2. Sleep.

Is there ever a bad time to take a nap? The answer to that is no, and it's a foolproof way to get your mind off of not going out. (And let's be honest, all we ever want to do is sleep.)

1. Break all the rules and go anyway!

When the FOMO becomes unbearable, it might just be time to go anyway. I am not condoning you to sneak into formals you weren't invited to, but I mean, there is a back door to every building...

Hope this cures your next FOMO attack!