9 Ultra-Cool artists still coming to the twin cities this summer

9 Ultra-Cool artists still coming to the twin cities this summer

Get ready, Minnesota. These artists are on their way to the cities, and there won't be any snow to stop them.


Warm weather and live music are a match made in heaven. My ideal night looks like heading out to one of the many awesome venues in the Twin Cities to see a quality band. In the upcoming months, there are a handful of talented artists making their way to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. First Avenue is my favorite indoor venue, but, because it's summer, an outdoor concert is the perfect place to get your live-music fix in the Cities.

There's no better way to soak up the sun than to do so while listening to amazing music. From J. Cole to Jack White, here are nine incredible artists making their way to the cities this summer.

1. Playboi Carti


When: August 2

Where: First Ave

Get your modern hip-hop fix satisfied with Playboy Carti this August.

2. Jack White


When: August 6

Where: The Armory

Although I'm still sad that I haven't experienced The Armory yet, things are looking up, because this incredible artist is going to be performing on its stage in early August. If you act quickly enough, you can still score tickets to legendary Jack White when he performs next month.

3. Sam Smith


When: August 14

Where: Excel Energy Center.

Sam Smith and his impressive vocals are coming to St. Paul this August to perform songs from 2017's album, "The Thrill Of It All." Sam Smith repeatedly shows that not all modern pop music is just a boring blend of sounds. Get your tickets here.

4. Trampled by Turtles


When: August 25

Where: State Fair Grandstand

Come and pay your respect to these folky Minnesotan dudes at the end of August at the Minnesota State Fair. You can get your tickets here.

5. The Beach Boys

When: August 27

Where: State Fair Grandstand

What better way to celebrate summer than with the boys who practically invented the summer hit? The Beach Boys are making their way to the Grandstand during the State Fair this year. This is sure to be a fun-packed show, especially because some of the original members are still in the band. Get your tickets here.



When: September 7

Where: The Armory

NEEDTOBREATHE is a band that has seemingly mastered the balance between modern rock, indie, and pop. Catch these guys at The Armory on September 7. You can get your tickets here.

7. Beck


When: September 13

Where: The Armory

Come and rock out with Grammy-winning Beck in September at the Armory--another great artist coming to the brand new venue.

8. Japanese Breakfast

When: September 18

Where: Fine Line Music Cafe

Cool and eclectic in styling and lyrics, Japanese Breakfast will be in town at Fine Line Music Cafe this September. Score your tickets here.

9. J. Cole


When: September 19

Where: Target Center

Although he won't be outdoors, his modern hip-hop magic will still be in the Cities. The ultra-talented J. Cole will be performing at the Target Center nearing the end of Summer. Get your tickets here.

10. Leon Bridges

When: September 20

Where: Palace Theater

Emotional about summer ending? Leon Bridges will be able to cheer you up. Check him out at the Palace Theater this September.

There you have it. Nine of the coolest artists coming to the Twin Cities before summer ends. Which ones will you be making it to?

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10 New Year's Mindsets For College Students, As Told By 'Bob's Burgers'

Alriiiiiight 2019! - Linda


Alriiiiiight 2019! - Linda

1. Don't stress that you didn't get an "A" in that insanely hard class you took this year


Emailing and running to the professor who didn't round up your 89.7% up to an "A" after doing everything in your power, and all those extra credit assignments. *sighs*

It's in the past now, it's gonna be a new year and you'll work even harder now to secure that next "A".

Spoiler alert, you'll be fine, will you be thinking about this class in 15 years to come? Heck no, you'll be too busy relaxing on a beach, taking a vacation from your super successful job.

2. Appreciate all those little things your parents did for you this year


The more you grow up, and start paying for most things, taking care of yourself, cooking, cleaning, and so much more. You come to really appreciate every little thing your parent does for you every day. Even if it's just that little text message every now and then, or sending you a few bucks randomly. Try to say thank you more in 2019!

3. Don't do those crazy fad diets, they won't last


You don't have to just drastically change your diet once the New Year starts, and only eat Kale for breakfast lunch a and dinner. I think a great overall mindset of consistently wanting to better yourself emotionally and physically over time is a great foundation to have. Also, surround yourself with people that are doing the same, you will be set.

4. It's already almost 2019, are you ready to be one year closer to "adulting"?


Do you have a job lined up after college? How many places have you interned for? What's your GPA?

How triggered are you after reading those? Despite Tina's face in this gif, it will be all okay, no matter what path you are taking, YOU GOT THIS TRUST ME!

5. It's okay if 2019 isn't filled with dollar signs, you can still have fun as a poor college student, we're all in this together


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6. Just go with your friend that has been begging you to do Karaoke at the local bar for New Years Eve


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Yes this is the time to make 2019 your bitch. Say thanks to 2018, for the lessons learned, and tell 2019 to watch out.

9. Then get excited about being reunited with all your friends to start the New Year!


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10. Throw around some compliments more, let all your loved ones know you appreciate the heck out of them


I think compliment people exactly as Bob did in this picture, I don't need to expand further here, you can't go wrong.

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