9 Thoughts Everyone Has During Finals
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Student Life

9 Thoughts Everyone Has During Finals

You can get through it.

9 Thoughts Everyone Has During Finals
Samantha Boorstein

It’s that time of the year again. When we are days away from break and relaxation, yet stuck at school under piles of stress. Every student knows the feeling when you have four tests, five papers, and need over 100% on all of them to get the grade you really want. Finals are an emotional rollercoaster ride, and one that I am going to take you on myself.

Remember: If you are feeling this way, I promise you will get through it. If you are done, you’re one of the lucky ones.

1. I have so much time

You probably don’t. Start studying.

2. There’s not *that* much information

Oh, but there is.

3. It’s my easiest class

While that may be true, doesn’t mean your paper is going to write itself.

4. I am going to fail

Breathe, you will be okay.

5. I’m starving

You’re probably bored.

6. I can’t look at this any longer

Take a break! You deserve it!

7. When will these end?

Sooner than you think

8. Yep, I just failed

Hey, at least it’s over!!



Congratulations!! You survived! Now sleep, relax, and get ready for it to happen all.
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