9 Thoughts Every Dog Has About Its Human

We all love dogs, am I right? They are the perfect companions and little angels sent down to earth, (sorry cats). They give us unconditional love and are always there for us. I have always wondered what goes on in a dog's mind. I've often wondered what my own dog is thinking. I'd like to think that they have their own little doggy thoughts about their owners, and that they are all (mostly) good. Here's to dogs.

1. You are the perfect head rest

2. You smell good/You smell bad

3. I want to lick your face

4. Keep petting me. I SAID keep petting me.

5. Your human food tastes better than my food.

6. I'm so excited to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. What is that porcelain thing you sit on? Can I sit on it too?

8. Can I sleep on you? You're comfy.

9. I love you

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