9 Thoughts A City Kid Has Living In Upstate
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9 Thoughts A City Kid Has Living In Upstate

City life forever.

9 Thoughts A City Kid Has Living In Upstate
Samantha Davey

I certainly did not know what to expect when moving from New York City to Albany. Being born and raised in Queens, I grew accustomed to city life, and that's really all I've ever known. I'm used to taking the smelly subway to school everyday, coffee and sandwich in hand, and being able to walk to the supermarket in my neighborhood. I haven't quite gotten used to living in upstate yet, and I'm still learning new aspects of this lifestyle every day (and also dying for a quality bagel with cream cheese). Here are 9 thoughts I, a true city kid, have on a regular basis—

1. Where is the 24-hour deli?

The deli always comes in handy, whether you're starving after class, or craving a snack. Being open all day, you can always run to the corner and get your favorite bag of chips, day and night, which is a blessing.

2.Why can't we Uber there?

PETITION FOR UBER IN ALBANY. Seriously though, step up your game! Albany doesn't know what it's missing. It certainly has helped me when I've been lost around the city. Now, being in Albany, it would be convenient to take an Uber from place to place.

3.I can actually see the stars!

With all of the lit up skyscrapers in NYC, you can't see a star in the sky. Looking up at the sky here on a clear night is breathtaking. I'm left mezmerized every single night by the view.

4.I see so much green.

The grass, the trees... nature is amazing. For nature in the city, we have to take a little trip to Central Park. I enjoy my walk to class every day, stopping to enjoy the fresh air and the scenery.

5.Wal-Mart is HUGE.

The aisles are endless, full of food and plenty of items that I can spend the money I don't have on. My roommate and I spend hours on end here, deciding what kind of ice cream we want and gazing at the beauty section. Plus, there are TWO FLOORS. When are they building one of these in Queens??

6. I wish I could take the subway there.

It would be so much easier if I could just hop on the 7 train to get downtown. I've been taking the subway ever since I could remember, and it is just a way of life. Commuting to school everyday was occasionally a struggle, when trains were delayed and overcrowded, but I do miss being able to jump on the train and go from Queens to Manhattan whenever I wanted to.

7.Can these people walk any slower?

Living in a fast-paced city comes with fast legs. I find myself running ahead of the slow walkers around here, especially around the crowds of people in the lecture center, trying to get to my next class.

8.Where can I get a bacon, egg, and cheese?

Nothing is more satisfying than a BEC and coffee from your favorite deli to start your day. I've gotten used to cold eggs and cereal in the morning. Biting into that sandwich, runny eggs, crispy bacon, and gooey cheese...It's an indescribable sensation.

9.Damn, do I miss the city.

Don't get me wrong, living in Albany is great, and a drastic change from what I'm used to. I'm taking in this new life and atmosphere day by day. However, I miss being in a city so busy and being at home. Some days I just want to hop on a bus, see my family, and be where my heart is (I also really want to eat at my favorite mexican restaurant). Nothing beats NYC, the city that never sleeps.

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