1. "Still no boyfriend?"

No, Grandma, I can barely keep a house plant alive, never mind a relationship.

2. "What ever happened to [insert ex-boyfriend's name here]? He was nice."

You used to think shoulder pads were nice too, glad to see we're both moving on.

3. "What are your plans for after graduation?"

Lets cross that bridge when we get there.

4. "Are you eating healthy?"

This one is the worst. Are you asking me this because I look too skinny or because I've gained weight? I'm going to pretend it's the first one.

5. "What are you studying again?"

MOM, is Tourism and Hospitality Management and Public Relations with minors in International Affairs, Gender Studies and Gerontology THAT hard to remember? Ugh.

6. "Have you put any thought into grad school?"

That depends, do you want to pay for it?

7. "How come you didn't try any of Aunt Mary's casserole?"

Mmmm, no, really, it's great! Why is it so crunchy?

8. "How are you doing in school?"

Great! Aside from the pile of homework I have waiting for me at home, the lack of sleep, my 102 unread emails and the torture of having to get out of bed every day. Thanks for asking!

9. "How much longer until you graduate?"

192 days, 14 minutes and 55 seconds. But really, who's counting?

The good thing about Thanksgiving is getting to see all your relatives come together and enjoy each other's company. The bad thing about Thanksgiving is you have to see all your relatives get together attempt to enjoy each other's company. Come prepared, wear elastic pants, and face the questions like a professional. When in doubt, shove more mashed potatoes in your mouth and buy yourself some more time.