9 Things I Wish My Dog Knew
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9 Things I Wish My Dog Knew

Because he doesn't understand words, just treats and petting

9 Things I Wish My Dog Knew
Callie Porcher

I recently read an article about finding your soul dog, and I was hit with the realization that I have so much love and appreciation for my dog and I just have to hope that he can tell how much. He'll never see the adorable pictures I post of him all over social media, or all the texts I get telling me people miss him, or love him (yeah him and not me, but I'm not bitter its cool). Outside of my family I don't love a single person more than I love my dog, and he'll never realize just how many people in this world he comes before. So I've compiled a list of things I wish he knew.

1. How much social media love he gets

I know he gets annoyed with my constant paparazzi act on his life, but I just need everyone to see the adorable way he has messed up my blankets and pillows, or how cute he looks burrowed underneath a pile of laundry, or how excited he gets when I come home after being gone for like an hour. It helps that he's a handsome dog and just naturally looks into the good selfie light. And while my tweets about him aren't always complimentary he takes up a massive chunk of my social media because he takes up such a massive chunk of my life.

2. How much I miss him when I'm gone

Because all but like 12 colleges in the United States have decided not to be pet friendly, I spent a lot of time without my pup. To combat missing him I would chat with him while facetiming my fam (because how else will he know what a good boy he is), I had pictures of him clogging up my phone and walls, and on a particularly tough day my mom would shoot me a text that contained a picture of him. So while he knew I was gone (and probably thought I abandoned him despite all my times visiting) what he didn't know is how much I missed him.

3. How comforting it is to have him sleep with me

Despite numerous social media complaints, and rants about what a nutjob he is, there is no feeling better than falling asleep with his head on my leg, or waking up to his tail whipping back and forth. There have been studies that show it's good for your sleep habits, and mental health to sleep with your dog. So while I might push him over as he hogs the bed in the middle of the night, sleeping without him is so much worse than having him snore and wiggle in his sleep.

4. How happy I am to come home to him

He probably doesn't notice in all his excitement to have me home, but I am just as excited to come home from a long day and have his wagging tail and smile pressed up against the glass door. Knowing that there is someone happy to have me home, despite the fact that I left him is such a great feeling.

5. How much I appreciate his unconditional love

It is definitely not deserved because I don't take him with me places as often as I should, and I lose patience with him when he's barking or whining, but despite all the horrible dog mom moments I have he loves me anyways. When I'm sick or cranky or smelly he doesn't care he just wants to hang out with me.

6. How guilty I feel when I have to do necessary dog mom stuff he hates

Whether its bathing him, putting medicine in his ear, or taking him to the vet I always feel absolutely terrible as soon as he realizes what I am doing and looks at me with the "et tu brute" face. Even though I know NOT doing those things would be worse for him in the long wrong, there is nothing worse than looking into those big eyes of his and having to do something I know he hates. He always forgives me within 10 minutes but those are easily the longest 10 minutes of my life.

7. How much I hate having to yell at him

Because dogs are equal parts clever and adorable I am often faced with having to scold mine when he figures out how to do something he shouldn't. For example jumping on the counter and eating an entire loaf of bread. He is so excited that he learned something new, but I have to take action to deter him from that behavior. So out comes the "SIR!", the "WHO DID THIS?" with the point at the torn up pillow or blanket (he was just playing), and the absolute worst "BAD DOG". Because part of training your dog is deterring them from bad behavior, this must be done. But I really, really don't like doing it.

8. That I Know He Doesn't Understand When I Talk To Him

As I pour my heart out to my best confidant, he cocks his head to the side, wags his tail and patiently wait for me to stop so he can cover me in kisses. I know he understands the emotion behind my words, and I know he is just thrilled that I'm around, but it feels good to unload my emotions on someone who isn't going to rub them in my face later, who won't judge me, and who won't think less of me. I know he doesn't understand the words, but I'm unswayed by that. Sometimes all you need is someone to be there, and my dog is always there patiently listening, and ready to snuggle.

9. That He is My Best Friend

My dog is my best friend, as silly as that sounds. He loves me no matter what, and he is always there for me. He doesn't judge me, he always wants to be involved in whatever I am doing (be it showering, using the bathroom, watching TV, or cleaning), and my presence makes his day better.

I'm so thankful for the day I brought my dog home. My bed and heart got a little more full, my personal space ceased to exist, and sleeping in became a thing of the past. I am so lucky to have such a sweet and loving bundle of fluff and joy.

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