9 Things You Should Say To Your Friend Who's Gained Weight

It's winter, and winter means many things to different people. You may be flying home for the holidays, flying abroad to avoid family, backpacking in the woods to also avoid family, shopping for your friends, shopping for yourself, going to the grocery store more, spending a lot of time in cafe's to avoid studying for finals -- the list goes on.

However, in most of these situations, winter or not, you may have to interact with other humans. News flash: Some humans gain weight for various reasons. It seems that, in this day and age, people become easily shocked, concerned, frightened, or uncomfortable. In reality, it is totally normal for people's weight to fluctuate and not really any of your business. Yet, most people mess it up by saying something offensive, rude, insensitive, or just plain rude. Here's a list of things to say so you don't sound like a complete idiot.

1. How are you?

It's simple, yet elegant.

2. What brings you to ....?

Do not use this if it's a family member you run into at a family gathering or at their own home or if somehow there's a death involved.

3. So, how is your family?

Do not use this if you don't know the person's family.

4. Happy Holidays!

This is pretty solid one, hard to go wrong with this gem.

5. Wow, It's great to see you.

This is basic, only say this if you mean it.

6. Whoa, your hair looks great like that.

Also, only say it if you mean it.

7. Are you still going to school/working at that place?

Also, don't say this if it's irrelevant.

8. Do you have any exciting Holiday Plans?

Also, don't bring this up if there's death involved.

9. We should meet for coffee or meet up soon!

This is again, only if you mean it.

There are endless ways to not offend someone who has gained weight since the last time you saw them. Let me reiterate, it's really not your place to comment on anyone's appearance. Totally not cool to bash someone's body. Also, it's pretty shitty to assume that they're unhealthy, because there are tons of medical reasons why people gain weight. Also, not cool to ever ask anyone if they're pregnant.


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