9 Things To Expect In College
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Student Life

9 Things To Expect In College

Some things I've learned in just one month of being in college.

9 Things To Expect In College
Taylor Horton

1. Lots and lots and lots of reading

A lot of reading in your classes that aren't English is quite common in college. And a word of advice: do the reading. Your professors don't just give out reading assignments because it's fun for them; it's information that you need to know. Trust me, you'll really wish you would have read when a pop quiz comes up...

2. More free time

After a few weeks in college, you'll begin to wonder how you ever handled seven class periods back-to-back in the high school days. Most of the time, you'll have only two or three classes a day, and only one on some days. You'll have a lot more time in your day than you did in high school and you won't come home wondering where your entire day went.

3. You will spend most of your free time doing work

This is the downside to having a lot of free time; you are going to spend quite a few hours of it doing homework, papers, and catching up on readings and assignments. I personally spend about 4-7 hours a night on homework and occasionally will have to pull an all-nighter because I have more homework than expected on that day.

4. Judgmental people are a thing of the past

With the exception of a few people, as always, there is not much judgement in college. If you want to wear a dress to class, no one talks about how you're only doing it for attention. If you come to school with sweats, no makeup, and third-day hair, no one stares at you like you're the ugliest thing they've ever seen. (Trust me, we all understand. It happens.) College at Wittenberg, at least, has been a very positive and judgement-free zone for me, which is something that many high schools lack.

5. You are going to get your cardio in for the day by your second class

Everyone knows of the famous "Hollenbeck Hill"; the precipitous incline leading to Hollenbeck Hall at Wittenberg University. If you walk up this hill only once a day, consider your cardio in check. Your thighs will thank you later because they will look bomb after a few weeks.

6. You are treated as an adult

If you have to go to the bathroom during class, you get up and go. No potty passes or signatures to be made in a planner. If you want to bring a bottle that isn't clear to class, go ahead and do it. Your professors aren't going to harass you about what is in it. Just make wise decisions about what you actually do put in it.

7. You don't have to drink at parties to be "cool" or "blend in"

The party scene is not my realm, personally. I also do not enjoy drinking much. But if I do go out with my friends one night, no one judges me for not having a Natty in my hand at all times. Don't feel like you have to drink or pretend to be drinking at a part. Plenty of people actually don't and just enjoy the social aspect. You do you, boo.

8. Your friends in high school will most likely not be your friends in college.

We all have those few friends who we actually do keep in touch with. However, most disappear from the radar and you will most likely never see them again. You'll begin to realize quite quickly that you were only friends with most people because you had to see them everyday.

9. You will take several naps a day and eat several meals a day.

This is no exaggeration and you will learn quite quickly how the "Freshman Fifteen" is developed if you don't also find time to workout or do a sport. You will most likely eat more than three multiple-course meals a day, and a snack in-between all of them, too. You will also find that you will take a nap at noon, only to take another one at three o'clock. That's just the way it is. Welcome to college, baby.

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