My sister and I have always been close: To this day we have a great relationship and we are always there for each other. I can still remember the day my parents brought her home from the hospital and 3-year-old me begged that they take her back; what can I say, 3-year-old me just wanted the attention all to herself, but I love my sister even with all her weird interests. My sister is not just my sister, she’s my best friend.

1. You create lasting memories

Although being around my sister always seemed to be frustrating, we’ve created some great memories that we can share with each other, and maybe share them with our children some day

2. You’re very supportive of one another

My sister wants to try out for majorette captain, and I think I want her to get it more than she does. I tell her constantly to practice and learn new twirls so that she can become the captain.

3. You miss each other even if you’re only gone for a few weeks

After I decided to go away to college I teased my sister that she would miss me and she always declared that she was going to be so happy when I was gone. We both knew that was a lie, and we constantly miss each other while I’m gone.

4. You’re always guaranteed to have a movie date

Any time I want to go to the movies I know that my sister will want to go with me, especially if I’m paying and I promise to get her food too. She also likes that I can get her in to see R-rated movies.

5. You can tell when the other is having a bad day

Just by looking at my sister I can tell if she’s having a bad day, or if I’m away at school I can tell she’s having a bad day because she text messages me more than usual.

6. You can tell each other everything

I trust my sister with everything, and I always feel comfortable telling her things that go on in my life. I would hope that she would trust me with her deepest secrets, and feel comfortable enough to tell me anything.

7. You’re guaranteed to laugh when you’re together

My sister and I could be together for five minutes and be laughing at something for three of those five minutes. When your sister is your best friend, laughter is contagious and it makes your time together more enjoyable.

8. You can basically read the other’s mind

Being sisters gives you the same thoughts, you can always tell what the other is thinking, whether it is what they want for Christmas, or what kind of ice cream they want.

9. There is no one who knows you better than your sister

I know my sister like she’s the back of my hand, even if she lies about the things that she actually likes.

I love my sister, and as we got older the more we became best friends. Like the saying goes, “side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart.”