9 Things I Missed In Vegas
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9 Things I Missed In Vegas

Whether it's coming back from college or a trip, I miss the things that make Vegas special.

9 Things I Missed In Vegas

If you are from Las Vegas and go out of state for school or even out of town for a trip then come back, these are a few things that you probably missed.

1. Convenience

I am definitely biased, but I think McCarran Airport has the nicest plane landing view people can have. Especially at night with the whole Strip lit up, the beauty of our city is seen right out the window. Everything in Vegas is so close and the typical distance it takes to get from point A to point B is 15 minutes. Guaranteed anyone can find a salon, grocery store, dry cleaners, and bar within a few blocks at any spot.

2. Open 24/7 signs

Granted New York City already claims the title, "the city that never sleeps," but I think Vegas qualifies just as much. It's the norm that restaurants and most businesses don't close by 8 p.m., which I was disappointed to find out was the case in other cities I traveled to. Where else can you go on a 3 a.m. Roberto's run?

3. Lack of traffic

The most traffic Vegas has in on the Strip, but even then, no one is stuck for more than an hour like in Los Angeles or New York. This excludes traveling to other cities or states.

4. Slot machines everywhere

The airport, grocery stores, gas stations and any place you can think of has slot machines. They are different colors, have themes and continue to draw in eager tourists to spend their money on. They consist of almost half the money casinos produce. Slot machines are the majority of gambling outlets and very popular, considering they don't require skill to play. Seeing one of these after you land lets you know that you really are home.

5. Constant entertainment

Cirque du Soleil shows, Caesar's Forum Shops, Container Park, Fashion Show Mall, concerts, nightclubs and now the new T-Mobile arena ensure that there is never a dull moment in Vegas! The best part is the local discount for attractions and dining. There is always something to do and Vegas has more to offer than bars and gambling for those under 21.

6. Billboards

You can't drive five minutes without seeing a billboard, whether it's which DJ is playing where or a Glen Lerner personal injury one (You know the number). With approximately 3 and a half million tourists per month, Vegas offers the exposure for companies trying to reach various industries. There are even digital displays at McCarran's gates through to baggage claim. Advertising at its finest, folks.

7. Sunsets

Absolutely nowhere has sunsets as beautiful as Las Vegas (may sound biased again). Nevada places in fourth for states that have the most popular sunrise and sunsets to experience. From 7–8 p.m., look out at the sky and admire the beauty of all the colors and view of the city as the sun is setting.

8. Great food

Known for its buffets and fine dining, Vegas has the best restaurants in the country. If you got straight A's in my high school, we went to the buffet at Green Valley Ranch for free. That's how standard buffets are when you grow up here. I went to the restaurant in the photo last night, and it was typical Vegas: fancy food with a spectacular view.

9. Ability to road trip

"Wanna go to Disneyland tomorrow? Sure." It's nice to be four hours away from L.A. and a couple more from Disneyland and other places like Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. In the winter, I could drive up to Brian Head to ski or anytime to Zion National Park to hike with my family and friends. Anyone who lives here can escape for a bit to some of the most aesthetic nature destinations.

I did not really appreciate or notice some of these things that make my city special until I moved away. It's kind of weird when I feel a sense of comfort looking at taxis with Carrot Top advertisements or the WetRepublic videos that play at the airport. I'm not going to take these things for granted and will spend my summer break enjoying this city I call home.

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