9 Things College Students Experience While Walking To Class
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Student Life

9 Things College Students Experience While Walking To Class

A small list of the many things a college student will see or do on their way to class.

9 Things College Students Experience While Walking To Class

College stands out as one of the most important aspects of life in today’s society. There are a lot of experiences that college students will have that will be extremely beneficial to their lives. Something all college students will have to encounter are the experiences they have while walking to class. Here is a list of nine things college students experience while walking to class.

1. Wondering which route to take

When you first leave out for a class, you usually have a set route on how to get there the quickest. Unfortunately, these routes aren’t always accessible, which leaves us in need of a new route. These are the situations that make student shortcuts around campus stick out, as we utilize them as quick detours around whatever is blocking the original route.

2. "Do I have my homework?"

We have all been in a situation in which we are rushing to the class we just finished an assignment for. These are the days you forget things such as your cell phone, wallet, or laptop charger. One of the first things that usually comes to our minds when we leave for the class is whether or not we remembered to pack the assignment. We frantically check our book bags as we walk just to see that we, in fact, packed the document that we view as more important than the declaration of independence.

3. Slow walkers

Some of the most annoying people that we encounter while on our way to class are slow walkers. It's not that we are walking too fast, it has to do more with these walkers having no motivation to go anywhere. These types of walkers often travel in groups who, most of the time, walk shoulder-to-shoulder, preventing us from getting to our destination in a timely manner.

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4. The awkward passing

Sometimes we get put in situations in which we need to rush to class. On the way to class, you are of course walking at a much faster rate than the rest of the students. At some point in your journey, you’re going to have to strategically maneuver around the student traffic to reach your destination in time. Sometimes when passing someone, things can get a bit awkward, as you’re basically telling the person that they are a slow walker. There are also the cases where you are walking at the same speed as someone and come to a crossing where you both have to awkwardly avoid running into each other.

5. Don’t slip!

One of our biggest worries during the winter is the ice that we will encounter on our way to class. The last thing we want to do is slip and fall. Not only would it cause us tremendous humiliation, but it also could potentially damage the contents of our book bags.

6. Stupid weather

Something all students will endure while walking to class is extreme weather conditions. No matter where your school is located, you will end up walking to class in some sort of harsh weather condition, whether it’s a thunderstorm, blizzard, or crazy wind. The best thing a student can do is check the weather station before they leave. This way they can at least dress accordingly. These days are also why students should save those unexcused absences that professors usually allow their students.

7. "Do I even want to go?"

College students will all have that one class that has an undesirable walk. These are the classes that are across campus or require you to go a certain way through campus that you dislike. While we walk to these classes, we all ask ourselves whether or not we even want to go to that class on that particular day. We always go, since we’re already up, but some days we have a bigger desire to turn around and go back to bed than go to class.

8. Longboarders/Skateboarders

We have all been on our way to class when, all of a sudden, we hear the rumbling of wheels rolling over the concrete. We look around and don't see anything, however, it's getting louder. We are then startled when we see someone on a longboard or skateboard fly by. There are also the times where we see the skateboarders coming head on, however, it's at the last second. Since you're surrounded by other students, you have to maneuver around them in order to get out of harm's way.

9. The Bible crew

Once or twice a year, we are blessed with the presence of the group of people who try to spread the word of God throughout the student body. No matter how hard you try, this group is unavoidable, as you are more than likely to run into one of their representatives going to and coming back from class. We often smile and take the mini bible or a pamphlet to be nice, but these items often end up underneath a pile of work or in the trash.

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