Naturally curly hair is a blessing and a curse. Though I wouldn't wish to change my hair for anything, there are still plenty of struggles that come along with a mane like this, that I think my fellow curlies can understand all too well.

1. Losing hair ties, bobby pins, and everything else in your hair.

...and then finding them again the next morning.

2. Everyone wanting to touch your hair.

I can't tell you how many times I've turned around to see a random stranger touching my curls.

3. Waking up with gravity-defying bedhead.

Lord help the man who has to wake up to that every morning.

4. People with wavy hair telling you that their hair is curly too.

Um no... your hair is wavy and tame. Nice try, though.

5. Having a bad hair day either means taking another shower or putting it up in a bun.

There's no way I can fix that with just a brush.

6. Attempting to brush or comb through your hair.

Whether it's wet or dry, you know to set aside five to ten minutes just to get out all of those tangles.

7. Humidity getting the best of your hair.

Ahh yes, thank you, humidity. I've always wanted to be the lion king.

8. Hot weather feeling significantly hotter when your hair is down.

You know it's gonna be bad when the sun comes out and sweat starts trickling down the back of your neck.

9. Never knowing how your hair is going to turn out that day.

Sometimes you look like you belong in a hair product commercial, and sometimes you look like Hagrid. Every day is a gamble when you decide to leave it down.

10. Getting asked endless times if it's natural.

Do you think I would do this on purpose?!

Despite all these struggles, curly hair is still the bomb. I hope that these made you laugh and you could relate, but I hope even more that my fellow curlies can all appreciate their beautiful God-given hair!