9 Struggles College Students Have When Coming Home
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9 Struggles College Students Have When Coming Home

The struggle of coming home after seven-months of freedom.

9 Struggles College Students Have When Coming Home
Brittany Schreiber

1. You can’t stay up as late as you want.

Or you can. But sometimes it involves your parents aggressively putting a rug in your room to “block out the 1 a.m. footfalls.”

2. You can’t eat whatever you want, at any hour of the day.

The one time I went upstairs with a box of Cheez-Its was the same day my dad banged on my door, commented on the hour, and reviewed the importance of “hygiene and not letting the ants in.”

3. You are not allowed to just bring friends in regardless of the hour.

I am frequently reminded at home that I live in “a small house where noise carries,” when I used to stay up until 3 a.m. with my roommate discussing men and life.

4. You are asked many questions that seem to repeat themselves.

When asked about what you are going to do after school ends, you want to crawl up into the fetal position and cry.

5. You miss your friends from school.

I go to school far away from home, so I miss all of my New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York folk.

6. Your parents are not thrilled with multiple naps throughout the day.

When you wake up at 12 p.m. and then decide to take a nap two hours later, there is severe judgment, possibly worse than the judgment that came along with the Cheez-Its. There comes a conversation soon after about finding a job, the amount of productivity in my life, and how my Dad doubts my idol Anna Kendrick "sleeps until noon."

7. You become your younger siblings driver.

I don’t mind this, but it’s just interesting how soon I am thrown back in to the chauffeur role.

8. You become confused with the lack of shower shoes.

But only for a minute, because then it is pure bliss. (Also you have the option of taking baths)

9. There are many ups and downs to being home.

There are ups in that it is good to see your family (which is a big up for me, do not get me wrong), and you get nice home cooked food. The downs are that the 3 a.m. mozzarella sticks are a no-go. But overall, we all know it well and know the struggle will soon be solved when we return to school.

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