Scouring Value Village, diving deep into the web for the best deals, and begging parents to chip in a little are all actions college students know all too well to get the latest and greatest shoe that happens to be trending.

We're too broke to strut into Nordstrom to pick up a pair of Sam Edelman boots but too proud to wear knock-off Yeezys.

When we buy shoes, we do it right. This means investing our $100 into a pair that is comfortable, reliable and will last us forever.

So sometimes we wear shoes that look ridiculous but are ridiculously convenient.

1. Birkenstocks

They are wearable in the summer. Add some socks and you can wear them in the fall, winter, and spring. I mean, sure, they are ugly and so last year, but they will last until we are 90 so I would say it's worth the investment. (I personally own several pairs.)

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2. Chacos

They show that you are always down for an adventure, plus you're always ready. However, they don't exactly scream, "sex god."

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3. Uggs

OK, I got my first pair of these bad boys in sixth grade and truly think they are a trend that needs to die, but there is a reason I haven't thrown them away yet: warmth. I am possibly the worst vegan in the world for owning these but damn, my toes stay toasty even on the coldest days.

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4. Crocs

Two words: sex appeal. (Lol jk.) They are comfortable and you can decorate them to fit your style, but that's pretty much the extent of their pros list.

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5. Sorel

These look like you're prepping to hike across Antarctica. I get it, they are warm and keep your feet dry and are great for winter, but you have to admit you look like Captain James Cook.

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6. Toe shoes

These are a sign you have given up on looking presentable because you spend 13 hours in the library and spend at least four rock climbing as a de-stressor.

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7. Dansko clogs

My sister swears by these but she is a nurse who works 12-hour shifts on her feet. I don't know why college kids think they need these for walking between classes but if it helps you succeed in getting your degree, I support it.

Get them from Amazon (sizes 4.5-14, 22 colors/patterns)

8. Barefoot

You're running late for class and not putting on shoes will save you three minutes, which honestly can make or break your education in college.

9. Slippers

The ultimate "I no longer give a shit" shoe.

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