Congratulations! Somebody besides your mom (and hopefully yourself, too! #SelfLove) thinks you’re awesome! Although a new relationship is an exciting time in general, entering into a previously-uncharted romantic territory with your guy best friend is the most magical thing ever. Skeptical? Here are eight reasons why you should consider:

1. He’s already seen your less-than-enchanting side. Let’s face it: even though your burps smell like the cranberry juice you had in the dining hall at dinner, your face sprouted majestic mountains of acne during finals week, and you make one-too-many threats to Mother Nature during your ~*fave time of the month*~, he thinks you’re awwdorable anyway. Like, wow, Marilyn Monroe was onto something here about, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you certainly don’t deserve me at my best.” Amen to that, lady!

2. Your friends are already his friends, and his friends are already your friends. I mean like, #Kumbaya #ThisLandIsYourLandThisLandIsMyLand, ya feel?

3. Poop jokes? Nose-picking jokes? Both totally acceptable. Whereas with a brand new guy in your life, you may try to clean up your act, there’s no need to hold back when you’ve picked a winner…

4. You may have your insecurities, like how people make fun of your hair a lot, or how sometimes you FEELLIKETHEWORLDISFRICKINENDINGOHMYGOD get panic attacks accompanied by a soon-to-follow migraine, but you know he’ll be right there for you with a pep talk and some Excedrin. Can we get a collective d’awwwww!?!

5. Those awkward AF moments when you try to ask questions that are a not-so-distant cousin to the art of making small talk on a first romantic encounter/date/whatever it is us college kids do nowadays probably will never happen to y’allz. “What’s your major, bae?” was answered a long, long time ago… *looks out at the horizon with nostalgia and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside*

6. You don’t have to feel pressured to be all cool and mysterious and impressive—chances are, your man BFF-BF is just as into nerding out over computer coding and watching "Adventure Time" as you are. Whatta keeper!

7. He already knows your order at Starbucks, and that cheese pizza will always reign supreme in your heart. ‘Nuff said.

8. You can tell him absolutely anything, because that’s what BFFs do. Some people are afraid to enter into romantic relationships with their special person, because they worry about the friendship falling apart if things don’t work out. However, if the spark is really there, then 1) the relationship won’t have to ever end, or 2) in the 0.00000012947829384 percent chance that it does end, the friendship prior to the relationship will most likely have been strong enough that you’ll be able to bounce back and create a new type of deeper friendship than you even had before.

9. You can finally stop begging yourself to please please stop secretly liking him in that way. Because he feels the same way about you, too! *squeals with utmost delight*

Feeling inspired!? Now, go get ‘em, tiger!! Just remember this mantra I always tell myself: You have nothing to lose—except for your dignity.

P.S. James, this article is dedicated to you, you bae of the century, you! Thx for being you.