With summer time here, it is time to relax and enjoy time off from school. In today's world though, it's easy to get sucked into being lazy in the summer. Give your eyes a break and do something other than stare at your phone for hours a day. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, etc. it is easy to stay occupied on your phone or computer, but there are so many other things you could be doing this summer that do not involve the couch and a phone.

1. Volunteer

Uses your free time this summer to give back to others. Serving others is super rewarding and it really does help others. Use your time to brighten someone else's day. Meals on Wheels, the Boys and Girls Club, a nursing home, there are plenty of places that would love to have some young volunteers this summer! Check around your town and find out where you can get involved!

2. Read

Instead of reading social media posts, read a novel! Romance novels, mysteries, historical fiction, science fiction, there are so many options. Studies also show it helps out your brain a ton so going back to school in the fall won't be as hard.

3. Garden

Get down and dirty! Gardening is very fun and is actually pretty easy to start. You can grow so many different plants! Some fun ideas are a vegetable garden or a butterfly garden. It's a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. A vegetable garden can even help save money on produce.

4. Bike/Run

Bike around your neighborhood or along different trails near you. Or grab a pair of running shoes and head out to explore! It's amazing how many things you can discover that you might miss in a car. Another idea is to do some fun 5k races near you. Color runs and mud runs are getting super popular and are showing up all over the place, so you are sure to find some near you,

5. Sports with Friends

Go pick up a volleyball, basketball, soccer ball, racquets, or any other sport you and your friends like to play. You can keep it friendly or make it a competitive game!

6. Bake or Cook Something New

Who doesn't like trying new foods? Find a good recipe and make something new! If that's not your fancy, maybe make one of your favorite foods that you've never cooked yourself before. If you are feeling super confident, make your family dinner or make some treats for your neighbors and friends.

7. Board/Card Games

While this may be a throwback for most people these days, your parents will probably enjoy the time with you and it will bring back so many fun memories too!

8. Hiking

Hiking is awesome because you can really become immersed in nature. And don't worry if you don't live near the mountains, there are some pretty great places to hike at the beach! Here's a website for some hiking at the beach in South Carolina.

9. Redecorate Your Room

Change up your room this summer! This is somethings that is super fun and it doesn't have to be expensive either. Just the simple act of rearranging the furniture in your room can make a big difference! Use some things from the dollar store to do some do-it-yourself wall decorations, or even small accents like a candle holder or some personalized coasters!

So I encourage you to check out some of these websites (but only for a minute!) and then head out and do something other than stalk all those people on social media who are doing something with their summer!