9 reasons I hate the word “Plus Size”
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9 reasons I hate the word “Plus Size”

All sizes matter

9 reasons I hate the word “Plus Size”

Plus size; a term that has legit spiraled out of control both in the world of fashion and outside of it. The controversy around it is HUGE, some people dont take offense to it at all, and others think it is just a nicer way of calling someon “fat” or abnormal in size. Well you know what?? I think the term is absolutely unnecessary and that it honestly does nothing other than make girl with a hot ass curvy body feel unequal when they have to walk to a completely seperated side of the store because the store refuses to put size 8 and up in the same rack as all the other jeans. Why? God only knows. Actually i know... cuz society cant let go of the fact that thin was once in. Every BODY is beautiful is in now, hate to break it to ya.

1.The size of our clothing should not define us.

Putting a name to a certain size of clothing automatically puts a definition to the size of our bodies. Why aren’t size 0 or 2 called minus sizes but a size 14 is plus? Why should a woman going into the store to buy a popin outfit have to associate the word “Plus Size” with a pair of jeans she looks hella good in?

2.The word plus makes it seem like that person’s body is above average and out of the norm.

Why should a curvy woman have a totally different section for her clothing? Why should someone above a size eight be categorized into something and those who aren’t not be? The fact alone that there is a name for a certain size clothing is ridiculous in itself, but the fact that people are marginalized and have to go out of their way to find a size that fits them is absolutely absurd and unfair. The word plus size makes it seem like women who wear a certain size are abnormal. They aren’t abnormal, and neither are people who are a size zero. There is no such thing as abnormal when it comes to body shape and size.

3. The plus size clothing is usually totally out of fashion and rarely ever as cute as the “non plus size” clothing.

Why in Gods name are there no super cute ripped up jeans above a size 10 in the jean rack? And how long can a person spend in the mall looking for a crop top that fits someone with a body bigger than that of an eight year olds? Just because some people have huge melons doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to look cute in a top that a person who wears an extra small has the privilege to buy. Women of all sizes should be able to shop in the same place, together, and have the same clothing options as everyone else.

4. People shouldn’t have to go out of their way to find stores that sell “larger” sizes.

I cannot even tell you the amount of times I walk by a store that glorifies and advertises the fact that they have a plus size section. Um excuse me, but why the hell wouldn’t you sell clothing that is bigger than a size 4? I’m not sure why every store decides to not make their size range big enough to fit the majority of the population of women, but it sure as hell sucks having to leave a store because they didn’t have appropriate size options for a dress.

5.Although we should not take offense to the words Fat or plus, the word still epitomizes the tendency for society to fat shame.

As much as it sucks, people in this world are awful and fat shaming will never end, especially if we continue putting new labels on people’s body size. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I know that when I look in a store and see a men’s section, a woman’s section, and then a plus size section, its basically saying “oh you’re bigger than normal men and women so you can shop in the “fat” people section”. Actually, I love my curves and i'll gladly walk my “fat ass” over to the plus size section because I am confident and unlike those who fat shame, I love my body as much as people who are and aren’t shopping in the plus size section should.

6.Plus size is a term only used for women.

Oh okay... as if women don’t worry about their weight enough, the term plus size is used purely for them and makes shopping for clothing even more obnoxious. When I have to walk away from a shelf that has clothing sizes going up(but not high enough) to a whole other section for “bigger” WOMEN, kinda makes me want to put a paper bag on my head and walk out of the store. We already spend enough time comparing ourselves to other women, this sure as hell doesn’t help.

7.Who determines where “regular sizes” end and plus sizes begin?

We all have different opinions and when we give someone the power to determine where the cutoff for “normal” is, we are basically giving someone who is completely irrelevant to us the ability to label our bodies. Yeah I may have a little extra fluff on my tummy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to look hot as hell when I go out, and more importantly doesn’t mean someone has the power put a label on me.

8.It is describing body size, not even clothing sizes, at this point.

A model with a certain body type should not be categorized as something other than what they are, which is a model. Beauty is basically being separated into two different body types. How are people supposed to feel united and beautiful if they can’t even show off their beauty under the same category? Why should “plus size” models have to look elsewhere for work just because of the size of their body?

9.Every body is beautiful and the word Plus Size makes it a little harder to remember that.

A size 14 or a size 2 does not determine our beauty. A line drawn between the section for a size 14 and a size 2 kind of does. Women shouldn’t be called anything other than what they are, which is beautiful. Using the term plus size is just another way of saying beyond the normal size, which is totally wrong being that the majority of women in this world wear above a size 12. Body shaming isn’t going to end if we keep using loopholes around considering everyone equal. We gotta love our bodies for what they are and someone who is curvy is definitely worthy of wearing what everyone else wears.

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