9 Life Lessons We Learned From "Mad Men's" Betty Draper

For any "Mad Men" fans out there, you know that when the series ended, it truly was "the end of an era." Arguably one of the best period pieces to grace Netflix with its presence, it presented a perfect balance of comedy and drama in both its equally complicated deep plots and characters. One of my favorites is the icy and hard to love Betty Draper Francis.

You hated and loved her equally and managed to appreciate both her emotionally undeveloped childish behavior as well as her profound sadness. Despite her repressed, limited '60s housewife life, she managed to teach us some life lessons along the way. Would we want her as mom? Absolutely not. Would we want to be her? Hell no. Would we want her as a friend? Not really, but that would be better than having her as an enemy. Can we still learn something from the infamously detached and "Hitchcockian" persona? Well, yes, if you really pay attention — and take it with a grain of salt.

1. Think all by yourself and let people know it.

2. When her backwards, old-school love advice reminded us that sometimes, you have to play hard to get.

3. It's okay to have a cheat day because sometimes, that '60s housewife life (or stressed college student life) is just a struggle and you need some ice cream.

4. Sometimes, silence and attitude is enough to get the point across.

Save the fighting words.

5. People are rude.

Sometimes, you just have to call them out on it. In the most polite way possible, of course.

6. "Only boring people are bored."

Don't be boring.

7. It's not resting b**** face — it's just that your "people are Nordic."

Sure, Betty, let's go with that.

8. Surprise everyone with a little bit of badassery every now and then.

Maybe not by shooting your neighbor's pigeons, though.

9. Not everyone will like you, not everyone will understand you, but you don't really have to care, because you're Betty Draper.

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