9 Things All Best Friends Will Experience This Summer
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9 Things All Best Friends Will Experience This Summer

Here's to the nights you'll never forget and to the nights you'll never remember.

9 Things All Best Friends Will Experience This Summer
Alyssa Tite

Summer is almost in full blast, and I owe all of my memories so far to my best friend. Calling her my partner in crime wouldn't do our relationship justice. We're a package deal. Most of the things on this list have already been accomplished in the few short weeks that summer has offered so far, but you and your best friend will complete this list unconsciously throughout the summer.

1. Sharing bad food choices

"What do you want for dinner?" "Let's get Taco Bell." If you and your best friend don't make poor food choices together, you need to reevaluate your friendship. Calories are the foundation for a good friendship.

2. Making questionable decisions

It truly isn't summer if you aren't in some sketchy situations along the way. Bad decisions build character, and when they're made together, they build friendships. When you have someone to make bad decisions with, you have someone to stand right next to you when people try to judge you.

3. Staying up way too late

God bless those who have summer jobs and stay up all night being hooligans with their friends. Once 3 a.m. hits, we usually know that it's time for bed, but sometimes you just want to keep going. There's nothing more wonderful than watching the sun rise with your best friend, am I right?

4. Spending money on nonsense

Spontaneous piercings, tattoos and shopping trips lead to empty bank accounts. Not to mention those nights where you feel fancy and buy the most expensive drinks available. Sometimes you just have to splurge with a little support from your right-hand person.

5. Listening to songs on repeat

Every friendship is branded with a song that the two of you absolutely love, but by the end of the summer you and your bestie will have an entire playlist that tells the story of your summer.

6. Boys boys boys

We're past breakup season, and we're making our way into the dreaded hookup season. You or your best friend will be affected by a boy at least once this summer. Brace yourselves, because there are going to be a lot of screenshots.

7. Unintentional sleepovers

Whether you like it or not, there are going to be nights where you and your best friend have nothing better to do than to snuggle up in bed and watch "The Sandlot" on Netflix. It's OK to live like a kid every once in awhile.

8. The most boring nights... ever

Most summer nights are pretty exciting (my generation would be quick to say that most summer nights are pretty lit). But in all reality, there are going to be those nights where you're ready to party and no one else is. You and your best friend will make the most of this night, whether that means drinking alone or forcing your friends to hang out with you.

9. The most exciting nights... ever

There will be those nights that trump every single night that you've ever had. You will go out with your best friend and have the absolute time of your lives. These will be the nights that you will never forget (or never remember, depending on how fun your night is).

Summer is all about making memories, and as great as it is to make memories for yourself, it's a hell of a lot more fun making memories with your best friend. So close this article, text your best friend and make some freaking plans! It's summer!

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