9 Things That Drive Type A Personalities Crazy
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9 Things That Drive Type A Personalities Crazy

You think I need to relax? Well you're absolutely right, but I physically can't.

9 Things That Drive Type A Personalities Crazy

Type A personalities are ambitious, rigidly organized, competitive, and extremely time conscious. Whether you are a Type A personality or someone you love is Type A, you probably know we like to operate a certain way; just call them our little "quirks." At our high points, we are efficient, helpful, and high achieving, but at our low points? Well...let's just say we are less than the perfection we strive to achieve. Here are 9 things that drive Type A personalities absolutely crazy.

1. Make us wait.

Ok, so we are a tad bit impatient at times. As Type A personalities, we really value our time and hate to feel like it's being wasted...especially for no good reason. Stick us in traffic, a slow check out line, or on hold with an insurance company and watch us come unraveled.

2. Bad communicators.

Type A personalities are all about communication. When conversation is prevalent, we soar. But when the people we work with struggle to communicate it drives us up a wall. I'm talking eye twitching, smoke out the ears, red-faced insane. Is it that difficult to send a reply to our email? Or shoot us a quick text if you need to reschedule? Please, for the love of everything holy, just keep us in the loop and we won't cut you out of our lives (because, yeah, it's that important).

3. When people question your "system."

We have a routine for everything. Whether it's the way we load the dishwasher or get ready for the day, we are set in our ways. So when people try to change it up or question the way we do things it gets on our nerves. Like, this is the way I like to organize, it's proven to work for me, and why do you care? Just let me do it my way, it's the best system anyway.

4. A dead cell phone.

Type A personalities have an inner need to stay connected -- and a dead battery just kills our vibe. How are we supposed to stay up to date with what's going on? What if someone is trying to get ahold of us? We just don't know, and that makes us really anxious.

5. Flaky people.

When people can't commit to plans Type A personalities lose it. We had this planned for like 3 weeks and you cancel at the last minute. Nope, not gonna fly. Check your schedule before you say yes, it's that simple!

6. Getting sick.

Type A personalities loveeeee feeling productive -- seriously, a full schedule is like a high for us. So when we get sick and are unable to mark things off our beautiful checklist it feels like the end of the world. We will deny that we are sick, chalk it up to allergies, and try to keep working, but eventually it catches up to us. What do you mean I need to "rest?" What the heck does that even look like?

7. Group projects.

Most Type A personalities have a desire to lead and are usually pretty good at it. Group projects challenge us because we feel like we know what's best. Especially if our group doesn't take the task seriously. It can be oh so tempting just to say "let me do it all" when we have to work in a group.

8. Being late.

We hate being late for many reasons. First, the biggest reason is because we value our time and hate thinking that we may be putting other people out. Second, we try to avoid any awkward situations that may come from being late. The last thing we want is to make a scene.

9. When people tell us to "chill out."

Me? Chill out? You think I need to relax? Well you're 100% correct, and if I could, I would. Type A personalities have a hard time resting because our minds never shut off. Even if you catch us lounging on the couch, there's a good chance our mind is somewhere else. Want to drive us absolutely crazy? Just tell us to chill out -- then stand back, because we might explode.

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